Recently, Omniture SiteCatalyst held a “point” release to add some new functionality.  This release is transparent to users already using v14 so there is no action required on their part.  In this post, I will briefly review some of the items included in this release.

General Enhancements
The following general enhancements were added:

  1. Extraneous white space on SiteCatalyst Dashboards will be removed.  You will also have the option of previewing your existing v14.2 Dashboards in the new v14.3 format before converting them.
  2. SiteCatalyst Dashboard reportlets will be easier to drag and move around the page and chart readability has been improved.
  3. Improved reporting for mobile reports including enhancements to Traffic Correlation and Conversion Subrelation reporting.
  4. Improved Video Tracking – It will now be easier to track multiple points within video playback (after x seconds or at % milestones).  In addition, video reports can now be broken down by the hour and graphs have improved smoothing functionality.

Limited Administrative Rights
Based upon customer feedback, SiteCatalyst will now allow you to grant non-Admin users limited Administrative rights.  Virtually every function within the Admin Console can now be managed individually and any registered user can be given access to an individual function.

SiteCatalyst-Test&Target Integration
For those of you who utilize both SiteCatalyst and Test&Target, this release allows you to do the following:

  • In addition, from within Test&Target, you will now be able to leverage SiteCatalyst Traffic and Conversion Variables as criteria for Test&Target rules and campaigns.

SiteCatalyst-Survey Integration
Omniture Survey combines the power of website data with visitor survey responses to help you drive conversion and learn more about your customers.  In this release, customers using the Survey product with SiteCatalyst will be able to see all survey results data from within SiteCatalyst and combine this data with other SiteCatalyst data using Conversion Variable Subrelations.

SiteCatalyst Reporting API Enhancements
Added a Report.GetStatus method which allows you to query the status of a queued report without fetching report data.

If you have questions about these or any other updates, please review the v14.3 release notes and/or call your Omniture Account Manager or ClientCare.


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Mike Stoner
Mike Stoner

The respective enhancements will act as key components to an already proven online business optimization tool. Concurrent updates will allow a marketer to streamline an online business more efficiently to generate a wide appeal toward the desired audiences. Magnifying the 'improved video tracking' aspect, with regards to improvements made. Statistical information is now put forth in a vivid and clear graph, with multiple point tracking. This component is essential to Omniture's ability to perform as an assessment for Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Organizations (especially marketing-centric and driven online businesses) may now evaluate its successes of its activities in which it is engaged with greater clarity and efficiency.