Recently, Omni­ture Site­Cat­a­lyst held a “point” release to add some new func­tion­al­ity.  This release is trans­par­ent to users already using v14 so there is no action required on their part.  In this post, I will briefly review some of the items included in this release.

Gen­eral Enhance­ments
The fol­low­ing gen­eral enhance­ments were added:

  1. Extra­ne­ous white space on Site­Cat­a­lyst Dash­boards will be removed.  You will also have the option of pre­view­ing your exist­ing v14.2 Dash­boards in the new v14.3 for­mat before con­vert­ing them.
  2. Site­Cat­a­lyst Dash­board reportlets will be eas­ier to drag and move around the page and chart read­abil­ity has been improved.
  3. Improved report­ing for mobile reports includ­ing enhance­ments to Traf­fic Cor­re­la­tion and Con­ver­sion Sub­re­la­tion reporting.
  4. Improved Video Track­ing — It will now be eas­ier to track mul­ti­ple points within video play­back (after x sec­onds or at % mile­stones).  In addi­tion, video reports can now be bro­ken down by the hour and graphs have improved smooth­ing functionality.

Lim­ited Admin­is­tra­tive Rights
Based upon cus­tomer feed­back, Site­Cat­a­lyst will now allow you to grant non-Admin users lim­ited Admin­is­tra­tive rights.  Vir­tu­ally every func­tion within the Admin Con­sole can now be man­aged indi­vid­u­ally and any reg­is­tered user can be given access to an indi­vid­ual function.

SiteCatalyst-Test&Target Inte­gra­tion
For those of you who uti­lize both Site­Cat­a­lyst and Test&Target, this release allows you to do the following:

  • In addi­tion, from within Test&Target, you will now be able to lever­age Site­Cat­a­lyst Traf­fic and Con­ver­sion Vari­ables as cri­te­ria for Test&Target rules and campaigns.

SiteCatalyst-Survey Inte­gra­tion
Omni­ture Sur­vey com­bines the power of web­site data with vis­i­tor sur­vey responses to help you drive con­ver­sion and learn more about your cus­tomers.  In this release, cus­tomers using the Sur­vey prod­uct with Site­Cat­a­lyst will be able to see all sur­vey results data from within Site­Cat­a­lyst and com­bine this data with other Site­Cat­a­lyst data using Con­ver­sion Vari­able Sub­re­la­tions.

Site­Cat­a­lyst Report­ing API Enhance­ments
Added a Report.GetStatus method which allows you to query the sta­tus of a queued report with­out fetch­ing report data.

If you have ques­tions about these or any other updates, please review the v14.3 release notes and/or call your Omni­ture Account Man­ager or Client­Care.


Have a ques­tion about any­thing related to Omni­ture Site­Cat­a­lyst?  Is there some­thing on your web­site that you would like to report on, but don’t know how?  Do you have any tips or best prac­tices you want to share?  If so, please leave a com­ment here or send me an e-mail at insidesitecatalyst@​omniture.​com and I will do my best to answer it right here on the blog so every­one can learn! (Don’t worry — I won’t use your name or com­pany name!).  If you are on Twit­ter, you can fol­low me at http://​twit​ter​.com/​O​m​n​i​_​man.

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Mike Stoner
Mike Stoner

The respective enhancements will act as key components to an already proven online business optimization tool. Concurrent updates will allow a marketer to streamline an online business more efficiently to generate a wide appeal toward the desired audiences. Magnifying the 'improved video tracking' aspect, with regards to improvements made. Statistical information is now put forth in a vivid and clear graph, with multiple point tracking. This component is essential to Omniture's ability to perform as an assessment for Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Organizations (especially marketing-centric and driven online businesses) may now evaluate its successes of its activities in which it is engaged with greater clarity and efficiency.