Whether you are in the media, financial services, travel&hospitality, B2B, or other industries, Adobe solutions can help you become a smarter marketer. Today, we published a success story about how New York Media is using Adobe solutions to make more educated decisions.

With 35% of New York media’s revenue coming from its online channels, it is imperative for the company to provide the best, most relevant content to its customers.

New York Media needed a smart, efficient way to monitor user activity and marketing effectiveness–combined with the ability to leverage collected data to make dynamic content changes that keep users happy. Since 2007, the company has relied on the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to do just that. With the Online Marketing Suite, New York Media has achieved the following results: helped double traffic to Vulture entertainment blog, aided in reducing bounce rates for vulture by 56%, assisted in achieving three million unique users, and reduced reporting times by up to 98%.

“We have used the valuable data gathered with Adobe solutions to help make smart marketing and editorial decisions–ultimately finding the sweet spot between growth, engagement, vision, and editorial quality,” said Michael Silberman, general manager, Digital media, New York Media.

For additional information about New York Media’s use of Adobe solutions, download their success story and check out our Facebook page.

What is the number one smartest marketing decision you have ever made?