Whether you are in the media, finan­cial ser­vices, travel&hospitality, B2B, or other indus­tries, Adobe solu­tions can help you become a smarter mar­keter. Today, we pub­lished a suc­cess story about how New York Media is using Adobe solu­tions to make more edu­cated decisions.

With 35% of New York media’s rev­enue com­ing from its online chan­nels, it is imper­a­tive for the com­pany to pro­vide the best, most rel­e­vant con­tent to its customers.

New York Media needed a smart, effi­cient way to mon­i­tor user activ­ity and mar­ket­ing effectiveness–combined with the abil­ity to lever­age col­lected data to make dynamic con­tent changes that keep users happy. Since 2007, the com­pany has relied on the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite to do just that. With the Online Mar­ket­ing Suite, New York Media has achieved the fol­low­ing results: helped dou­ble traf­fic to Vul­ture enter­tain­ment blog, aided in reduc­ing bounce rates for vul­ture by 56%, assisted in achiev­ing three mil­lion unique users, and reduced report­ing times by up to 98%.

We have used the valu­able data gath­ered with Adobe solu­tions to help make smart mar­ket­ing and edi­to­r­ial decisions–ultimately find­ing the sweet spot between growth, engage­ment, vision, and edi­to­r­ial qual­ity,” said Michael Sil­ber­man, gen­eral man­ager, Dig­i­tal media, New York Media.

For addi­tional infor­ma­tion about New York Media’s use of Adobe solu­tions, down­load their suc­cess story and check out our Face­book page.

What is the num­ber one smartest mar­ket­ing deci­sion you have ever made?