sneak_peekOn Thurs­day, July 18th the Site­Cat­a­lyst user inter­face will be updated to be con­sis­tent with the new Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing UI. If you were at one of this year’s Adobe Sum­mit events, you will have already seen this new design in some of the main-stage demos. In addi­tion, if you’re a Site­Cat­a­lyst admin user you should have received an email on the UI changes on June 27th. Real­is­ti­cally, not every­one can free up time (or bud­get) to go to Sum­mit, and it is very easy to miss an email from Adobe. There’s a good chance some Site­Cat­a­lyst users have no idea this update is com­ing and will get a sur­prise when they log into Site­Cat­a­lyst next Friday.

Sur­prises aren’t always fun and change can be unsettling—small or large. I real­ized this when I recently vis­ited a client in New York. In pass­ing I men­tioned that the Site­Cat­a­lyst inter­face was sched­uled to be updated this July. After see­ing the blood drain from his face and a hint of panic enter into his voice, I decided to jump into the beta envi­ron­ment to show him the updated UI. Once he saw the minor nature of the changes, any ini­tial con­cerns he had were put to rest. I thought it would be help­ful to pro­vide every­one with a sneak peek of what’s com­ing through the fol­low­ing short video (5:17 minutes).

In sum­mary, the main changes to the Site­Cat­a­lyst UI are as follows:

  • Good­bye Omni­ture green (sniff, sniff). The famil­iar green nav­i­ga­tion menu is updated with a darker, black color. While the color change is minor, I like the clean, no-nonsense look-and-feel it gives the nav­i­ga­tion menu. The darker color appears to frame the charts and data bet­ter than the green/light gray color scheme did. I’ll let you be the judge if you agree with me.
  • Adobe Ana­lyt­ics re-branding. Besides the color dif­fer­ence, all of the analytics-related prod­ucts are now being re-positioned as capa­bil­i­ties of the Adobe Ana­lyt­ics solu­tion. A key dif­fer­ence here is the Site­Cat­a­lyst name is replaced by its new capa­bil­ity name: Reports & Ana­lyt­ics. Other for­mer products/capabilities will look famil­iar (Data ware­house, Report builder) or very dif­fer­ent (Gen­e­sis = Data con­nec­tors, Dis­cover = Ad hoc analy­sis). If you click on Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud at the top left cor­ner, you’ll see the capa­bil­ity drop­down and sub-menus listed as they were in the old interface.
  • Tog­gle between reports and favorites. Noth­ing really changes with the main left-hand report menu struc­ture, and it will oper­ate the same as before. How­ever, the top-navigation has changed, and you now tog­gle from the reports to the favorites sec­tion (dash­boards, book­marks, alerts, etc.) in the left nav­i­ga­tion using the two icons shown in the video.
  • Admin con­sole is now Admin tools. If you’re an admin user, you prob­a­bly spend a fair amount of time in the Admin con­sole. It has been renamed (brace your­self) Admin tools and can be found in Favorites area or under Reports & Ana­lyt­ics sub-menu from the top-left dropdown.
  • Con­sol­i­dated, stream­lined help sec­tion. If you were famil­iar with the old help sec­tion, you may have found it dif­fi­cult to find answers between the frag­mented knowl­edge base and tech­ni­cal ref­er­ence areas. Now the two sys­tems have been com­bined (and curated) to pro­vide a uni­fied, search­able source for all your Site­Cat­a­lyst questions.

You may be won­der­ing if you can ease into this new UI and delay its adop­tion until after July 18th. Unless you’re still using ver­sion 14, all clients on Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 will auto­mat­i­cally receive this new UI once it has been fully rolled out. In this par­tic­u­lar case, the UI enhance­ments were deter­mined to be rel­a­tively minor in nature so a sep­a­rate Site­Cat­a­lyst ver­sion wasn’t war­ranted. We’re con­fi­dent the new UI will not dis­rupt your Site­Cat­a­lyst usage, and the new design will quickly grow on you (as it has on me).

Rest in peace RGB 112.161.0. You had a good, long run.