If you peruse web analytics blogs and/or any social media outlet that deals with wed analytics you will definitely come across the name Rudi Shumpert.  He is quickly becoming famous on the web from the new solutions he creates and his insights on how to take advantage of all the data available.

One of his most popular solutions is his innovative solution on tracking Social Media with Omniture.  In his recent blog post he describes how he takes advantage of yahoo pipes to “pipe” data into Omniture.

During summit he will be discussing how the solutions he creates are valuable to his company and by leveraging Omniture’s APIs he is able to expand the capabilities of Ariba (his company) systems and greatly extend Ariba’s data and analytics gathering.

This breakout session is quickly becoming the “Must Attend” breakout session of Omniture Summit 2010.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I would love to hear them, so send me an e-mail at PearceA (at) adobe.com.  I won’t be able to reply to all e-mails but I promise I will read every e-mail that I receive.

As always, post your comments or e-mail me at PearceA (at) adobe.com.  It is your comments and e-mails that keep me posting and give me ideas for future posts.

You can read about my Summit 2010 breakout session here: http://summitblogs.omniture.com/218/