I have a unique opportunity that I would like to offer to a limited number of readers of my blog.

A small team and I have been working on a solution to make classifications easier and faster for clients.  This solution will have advanced features that will automate classifications, increase accuracy of reports and save hundreds or thousands of hours of your time.

The Solution

Part 1 – Campaign Generation Tool

This is a small lightweight tool that anyone in your company can use.  Even partners or consulting firms outside of your company can use the tool.  The idea is simple; when someone needs to generate a campaign ID it can take anywhere from 10 min to 30 min to generate a single campaign ID and upload the classification data.  So we built a lightweight desktop application any user can quickly enter in a couple pieces of information and generate the campaign ID automatically.  What used to take 15 min on average will now take 15 seconds, not to mention the tool automatically uploads the classification information to SiteCatalyst so you don’t need to worry about it.


  • Ability to quickly create campaign IDs.
  • Automatically upload campaign classification information to Site Catalyst.
  • For use by anyone who needs to create campaign IDs.

Part 2 – Classification Management System

The classification management system is the heavy lifting tool that is designed to be used by your analysts.  The tool is designed to pull down classification information from SAINT and give the analyst an interface to quickly manage all classification information.  For example, the analyst can quickly pull down the products classification information and identify which products are not classified.  The analyst can also see which products might be missing information such as the manufacturer.

There are also advanced server side features that are part of the Classification Management System.  You will be able to setup rules inside the system that can run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  These rules can auto-classify your data, saving you hundreds of hours a year.  This is one of the most exciting features of the entire system!


  • Ability to download classification data from SiteCatalyst
  • Filter classification data for quick and easy editing
  • Bulk update data with rules that run in the system or server side.

The Benefits

If the benefits are not clear already then let’s do some simple math.

A smaller company can easily spend 2 to 4 hours a week creating and managing classification data. Let’s estimate that an analyst costs a company about $100/hour.

(4 hours a week) x (52 weeks in a year) x ($100/hour) = $20,800/year

These numbers are for a smaller company, I talk to companies on a regular basis that easily spend over 10 hours a week dealing with classification data.  These larger companies can (and have) saved hundreds of thousands of dollars when they find a way to manage their classification data.

The above calculation does not take into consideration the best part!  The analysts now have hundreds of extra hours to do what they do best, make the company more money!

We Want You

We have built an Alpha version of the solution and we need pre-production clients to help us define all the final features and prove there is client interest in this solution.

As a thank you for helping us build the solution and being a pre-production client, we will offer the solution to you at a huge discount.


  • Spend more than 2 hours a week managing classification data.
  • Have over 4 people who need to generate campaign codes
    • Note: if you are currently emailing a single person and having them generate campaign codes then the number above is for anyone who needs to use the code not the single person who generates the code.

What to do next?

If you are interested in becoming a pre-production client then email me directly ( pearce (at) adobe.com) with the following information.

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • Why you are interested in this solution
  • What features you are most interested in.

The team will review each application.  If you qualify to be a pre-production client then we will setup a call to discuss more specifically the solution and features you are most interested in.

As always, post your comments or e-mail me at Pearce (at) adobe.com.  It is your comments and e-mails that keep me posting and give me ideas for future posts.

Jason Egan
Jason Egan

Pearce, you should have NO problem proving that there's a client interest in this solution. Being a consultant and having been on the analyst-side being the one that maintained a ton of SAINT spreadsheets, this is a much needed solution that will make a ton of Omniture customers very happy. Classifications in general have always been a differentiator for SiteCatalyst compared to other analytics platforms, and extended it in this way will only help you further extend that feature gap between you and your competitors. My only requirements (hopes) for such a solution would be: 1. The ability to parse a string and split it at a delimiter to place into different classifications 2. Basic if/else rules similar to what works now for SiteCatalyst 15's processing rules. 3. The ability to create Regex-based rules for the more advanced users of the tool 4. If this is an app, the ability to sync on a regular basis with a locally or networked-stored SAINT mapping file when rules can't classify something based on a string value (like product IDs) 5. Integration with the SAINT classifications of the Marketing Channel report (or any other Omniture solutions that can/will have SAINT classifications). 6. The ability to create/edit/delete classifications from within the tool, as opposed to having to go into the admin console Also, I'm on the SiteCatalyst CAB, and have been hounding those guys for a couple of years for a solution like this :) Proof again that you guys listen to your customers and let them drive the direction of your product road map.