Tag Man­age­ment Sys­tems pro­vide vastly sim­pli­fied means to update site tags and speed the deploy­ment thereof. But what about get­ting the TMS deployed in the first place so that you can lever­age these values?

Adobe Tag­Man­ager is the quick­est, eas­i­est Tag Man­age­ment Sys­tem to deploy. We’ve made it so by lever­ag­ing our exist­ing Site­Cat­a­lyst tags present on many, many pages through­out the web. Those tags are valu­able in a num­ber of ways:

  • Site­Cat­a­lyst tags are cap­tur­ing a super­set of data as com­pared to any other tags on sites; the amount of gran­u­lar con­ver­sion data shared is immense.
  • They have pre­built exten­sion points (plu­g­ins and mod­ules) for data inte­gra­tion with other sys­tems and cus­tom con­fig­u­ra­tion to suit your busi­ness needs.
  • They are already in place.

I’ve explained this in pre­vi­ous blog posts, but I think it’s worth high­light­ing again. The means by which we make it pos­si­ble to turn your Site­Cat­a­lyst tag into a con­tainer is through what is his­tor­i­cally referred to the s_code.js file. This is the mea­sure­ment library where you con­fig­ured your Site­Cat­a­lyst imple­men­ta­tion. It con­tains plu­g­ins, mod­ules, map­pings, and other areas of cus­tomiza­tion. None of that is lost, you sim­ply move it to the Tag­Man­ager con­tainer. Then you replace your s_code.js file with a loader to point to the con­tainer we host. Finis! You can man­age your mea­sure­ment con­fig­u­ra­tion and any other tags you want through Adobe TagManager’s UI and deploy it through our 3-stage deploy­ment process with­out wait­ing on a full IT build and release cycle!

So, if you’ve already got the data you want exposed to your tag, that tag can become a tag con­tainer that orches­trates the fir­ing of all tags on your site… and it can be enabled in a few min­utes with­out deploy­ing a new tag to each page on your site, why not do it?