Welcome to our newest blog series, Suite Talk. I will be your author and guide as we explore the awesome power of the Online Marketing Suite. As you read this blog, I hope that two things happen. First, that you have a better appreciation for the awesome power of Adobe’s Online Marketing Suite and second, that you come away with practical tips, tricks, workflows and ideas that you can apply to your business.

By way of introduction, I have recently joined the Adobe product team as Product Manager of Intra-Suite Integrations. I will be working to help make the Online Marketing Suite even better and more integrated. However, I am not new to Adobe. I joined Omniture in 2007 as a consultant working on the retail team. I worked with retailers large and small, including The Gap, Kohls, Sears, Live Nation, and my personal favorite The Wisconsin Cheeseman. After consulting for a couple of years, I moved into an enablement role to help the world wide consulting organization deliver their solutions. There I got to work with members for all of our product teams and gain a deep knowledge of the products in the online marketing suite.

I hope post about three types of things:

  1. News and Information on new integrations between our products.
  2. Tips and Tricks for optimizing your workflows, and enriching your data.
  3. Practical application of the suite to business problems.

I need your help with the last one. I want to take real business problems that you, our customers, are facing and walk through how we could address the problems using the full power of the online marketing suite. I have a few business problems that I have gathered from my interactions with folks around here, but I would hear from you. Drop me a comment and introduce yourself as well as tell me what business problems you would like be to address as part of this blog?