Wel­come to our newest blog series, Suite Talk. I will be your author and guide as we explore the awe­some power of the Online Mar­ket­ing Suite. As you read this blog, I hope that two things hap­pen. First, that you have a bet­ter appre­ci­a­tion for the awe­some power of Adobe’s Online Mar­ket­ing Suite and sec­ond, that you come away with prac­ti­cal tips, tricks, work­flows and ideas that you can apply to your business.

By way of intro­duc­tion, I have recently joined the Adobe prod­uct team as Prod­uct Man­ager of Intra-Suite Inte­gra­tions. I will be work­ing to help make the Online Mar­ket­ing Suite even bet­ter and more inte­grated. How­ever, I am not new to Adobe. I joined Omni­ture in 2007 as a con­sul­tant work­ing on the retail team. I worked with retail­ers large and small, includ­ing The Gap, Kohls, Sears, Live Nation, and my per­sonal favorite The Wis­con­sin Cheese­man. After con­sult­ing for a cou­ple of years, I moved into an enable­ment role to help the world wide con­sult­ing orga­ni­za­tion deliver their solu­tions. There I got to work with mem­bers for all of our prod­uct teams and gain a deep knowl­edge of the prod­ucts in the online mar­ket­ing suite.

I hope post about three types of things:

  1. News and Infor­ma­tion on new inte­gra­tions between our products.
  2. Tips and Tricks for opti­miz­ing your work­flows, and enrich­ing your data.
  3. Prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion of the suite to busi­ness problems.

I need your help with the last one. I want to take real busi­ness prob­lems that you, our cus­tomers, are fac­ing and walk through how we could address the prob­lems using the full power of the online mar­ket­ing suite. I have a few busi­ness prob­lems that I have gath­ered from my inter­ac­tions with folks around here, but I would hear from you. Drop me a com­ment and intro­duce your­self as well as tell me what busi­ness prob­lems you would like be to address as part of this blog?