We’re kicking off Omniture Summit next week with our third annual MindMeld event— bringing together top thought leaders and luminaries in online analytics, site optimization and online advertising to share views on the future of marketing. We all realize how much the digital marketing industry is changing— this is a forum where together we can shape the debate on issues that are important to the continued growth of the overall digital marketing industry beyond web analytics.

At this year’s MindMeld, industry experts from leading companies such as Extra Space Storage, AOL Inc., DaveRamsey.com, and Intuit will discuss several issues that have the most opportunity to positively impact business and will address and shape solutions to the following key issues:

· Personalization — Is online personalization achievable and is it worth the cost and risk?

· Online Advertising — What are the key issues to achieve the touted promises of one-to-one conversations, relevant offers, and compelling ROI as the market changes from buying impressions to audiences?

· Privacy — How should we approach privacy as consumer trust, self-regulation and looming legislation are radically altering digital marketing?

MindMeld offers industry thought leaders and experts an open forum to discuss the major trends and issues that are rapidly revolutionizing the digital marketing industry. We’re thrilled to bring together the best minds in digital marketing to explore and define where the industry is heading, so professionals can stay one step ahead of key trends.

MindMeld will be held on Tuesday, March 8 prior to the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011 opening on Wednesday, March 9.

Adobe Omniture Summit 2011 is one of the largest communities of online marketing professionals. This year’s conference in Salt Lake City will feature breakout sessions from some of the top online brands including Ford Motor Co., NBC Universal, Virgin America, Oracle, Sprint, Scottrade, and Columbia Sportswear.

For more information about MindMeld, please e-mail mindmeld@adobe.com.


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