For everyone that reads the advanced solutions blog you will want to know some important information about Omniture Summit 2011.

There will be an advanced technical track

The advanced technical track is going to cover many aspects of advanced implementation, API interfacing, server side implementation and other advanced topics.  Last year a few clients told me that if they had known there would be labs and technical tracks then they would have brought their developers and other people who would benefit from the information.  This is me trying to help you in advance, there are going to be sessions and labs for advanced users and technical people so try and plan accordingly.

Summit 2010 sold out last year

Below is an exact quote from Brad Rencher that you may find interesting,

Summit 2010 was our best Summit ever with record attendance.  In fact, last year we sold out and had to close registration.  For Summit 2011, we are already 300% ahead of last year’s registration figures.  Our customers LOVE Summit – it really has become their conference.  Summit remains the industry’s gold standard event and we fully expect Summit 2011 to carry the tradition forward.”

So, if you are interested in attending I would not wait.  Note: I gain no commission or benefit from promoting Summit 2011. I am telling you this because I expect it to sell out faster than it did last year and I don’t want my readers to miss out.

Plan to attend the entire week ( if you can)

Contact your account manager and setup meetings the first couple days of the week.  Chat face to face with people you may have been working with for the past year.  Even more importantly, come with questions.

One of my most memorable parts of Summit 2010 was sitting down with a client for an hour long meeting.  Then we ran out of time so we went to lunch together, during lunch I diagramed system models and ideas on the table in crayon ( it had one of those paper table cloths) the client learned a lot and I was able to answer questions that would have never come up on a phone conversation.

Finally, Don’t skip out on the ski day, one of the most beneficial parts of Summit is talking to people on the mountain about the sessions they went to and hearing what they have to say about them. So schedule your flight for Saturday, not Friday.

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