For every­one that reads the advanced solu­tions blog you will want to know some impor­tant infor­ma­tion about Omni­ture Sum­mit 2011.

There will be an advanced tech­ni­cal track

The advanced tech­ni­cal track is going to cover many aspects of advanced imple­men­ta­tion, API inter­fac­ing, server side imple­men­ta­tion and other advanced top­ics.  Last year a few clients told me that if they had known there would be labs and tech­ni­cal tracks then they would have brought their devel­op­ers and other peo­ple who would ben­e­fit from the infor­ma­tion.  This is me try­ing to help you in advance, there are going to be ses­sions and labs for advanced users and tech­ni­cal peo­ple so try and plan accordingly.

Sum­mit 2010 sold out last year

Below is an exact quote from Brad Rencher that you may find interesting,

Sum­mit 2010 was our best Sum­mit ever with record atten­dance.  In fact, last year we sold out and had to close reg­is­tra­tion.  For Sum­mit 2011, we are already 300% ahead of last year’s reg­is­tra­tion fig­ures.  Our cus­tomers LOVE Sum­mit — it really has become their con­fer­ence.  Sum­mit remains the industry’s gold stan­dard event and we fully expect Sum­mit 2011 to carry the tra­di­tion forward.”

So, if you are inter­ested in attend­ing I would not wait.  Note: I gain no com­mis­sion or ben­e­fit from pro­mot­ing Sum­mit 2011. I am telling you this because I expect it to sell out faster than it did last year and I don’t want my read­ers to miss out.

Plan to attend the entire week ( if you can)

Con­tact your account man­ager and setup meet­ings the first cou­ple days of the week.  Chat face to face with peo­ple you may have been work­ing with for the past year.  Even more impor­tantly, come with questions.

One of my most mem­o­rable parts of Sum­mit 2010 was sit­ting down with a client for an hour long meet­ing.  Then we ran out of time so we went to lunch together, dur­ing lunch I dia­gramed sys­tem mod­els and ideas on the table in crayon ( it had one of those paper table cloths) the client learned a lot and I was able to answer ques­tions that would have never come up on a phone conversation.

Finally, Don’t skip out on the ski day, one of the most ben­e­fi­cial parts of Sum­mit is talk­ing to peo­ple on the moun­tain about the ses­sions they went to and hear­ing what they have to say about them. So sched­ule your flight for Sat­ur­day, not Friday.

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