Last Friday, I noticed someone on Twitter ask “Omniture is awesome, but… We want to track an application where we can’t have a third party getting personal customer info. Any Ideas?”

The answer was obvious to me, but I realize that for most of our customers, accustomed to having their data for most parts of the Omniture Suite collected, stored, and available for analysis on servers here at Omniture, this feature of Omniture Insight is a new one.

Omniture Insight is a set of software – Server and Client – that enables rapid analysis and business decisions. As such, you can run your Server software anywhere that makes sense for your business (as long as it meets the Minimum System Requirements, of course.)

In the below diagram, a general overview of an Omniture Insight system architecture, the large dark areas in the center reflect the Server components of the system. The Servers in your Omniture Insight installation can be housed anywhere.

Omniture Insight general architectural overview

Omniture Insight general architectural overview

Many customers engage us to host and manage Omniture Insight servers, on their behalf, to house their data. Others maintain and manage their own Omniture Insight servers in-house to keep their data on-site and completely inaccessible to others. Other clients maintain their own in-house servers, and engage Omniture Consulting to manage the servers and perform architectural and administrative functions on them via VPN or on-site physical access.

The power is in the choice: We can, and are happy to, manage servers to power your Omniture Insight installation. Or we’re happy to let you use your software licenses to completely maintain your data within your own electronic “walls.”

We count many customers, most notably including financial, governmental, and retail, among our in-house client installations.

Don’t misunderstand, though – you can, and should, keep using other parts of the Omniture Suite for other aspects of your business. SiteCatalyst, for instance, remains the heart of web data collection and distributed reporting. But you can bring your SiteCatalyst data into Omniture Insight on an in-house server, also load and tie it to any other internal data you prefer, and analyze to your heart’s content.

In fact, I’ve had a client track usage of features of a new application using Omniture Insight, and I currently work with another client who is tracking the install process for an application they sell online, and analyzing the whole customer process from marketing channel through local installation success in Omniture Insight.

So Omniture Insight is the logical answer for the business case posed on Twitter. And for yours, too, if you need to do fast, multi-channel analysis on data that you can’t let outside of your organization. Yes! You can keep your data in-house and still analyze it with a powerful tool integrated with the rest of the Omniture Suite.

Have a question about anything related to Omniture Insight? Do you have any tips or best practices related to Omniture Insight you want to share? If so, please leave a comment here or send me an e-mail at and I will do my best to answer it here on the blog so everyone can learn. (If you prefer, I won’t use your name or company name.) You can also follow me on Twitter @MichaelHalbrook.

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Daniel Lum
Daniel Lum

We can really see the power of full analysis and attribution across channels from first impression through conversion, and beyond - all in one tool. Adobe Insight helps organizations analyze very large volumes of data and use that information to make well informed strategic business decisions. It also does fast, multi-channel analysis on data that you can’t let outside of your organization.