Last Fri­day, I noticed some­one on Twit­ter ask “Omni­ture is awe­some, but… We want to track an appli­ca­tion where we can’t have a third party get­ting per­sonal cus­tomer info. Any Ideas?”

The answer was obvi­ous to me, but I real­ize that for most of our cus­tomers, accus­tomed to hav­ing their data for most parts of the Omni­ture Suite col­lected, stored, and avail­able for analy­sis on servers here at Omni­ture, this fea­ture of Omni­ture Insight is a new one.

Omni­ture Insight is a set of soft­ware — Server and Client — that enables rapid analy­sis and busi­ness deci­sions. As such, you can run your Server soft­ware any­where that makes sense for your busi­ness (as long as it meets the Min­i­mum Sys­tem Require­ments, of course.)

In the below dia­gram, a gen­eral overview of an Omni­ture Insight sys­tem archi­tec­ture, the large dark areas in the cen­ter reflect the Server com­po­nents of the sys­tem. The Servers in your Omni­ture Insight instal­la­tion can be housed anywhere.

Omniture Insight general architectural overview

Omni­ture Insight gen­eral archi­tec­tural overview

Many cus­tomers engage us to host and man­age Omni­ture Insight servers, on their behalf, to house their data. Oth­ers main­tain and man­age their own Omni­ture Insight servers in-house to keep their data on-site and com­pletely inac­ces­si­ble to oth­ers. Other clients main­tain their own in-house servers, and engage Omni­ture Con­sult­ing to man­age the servers and per­form archi­tec­tural and admin­is­tra­tive func­tions on them via VPN or on-site phys­i­cal access.

The power is in the choice: We can, and are happy to, man­age servers to power your Omni­ture Insight instal­la­tion. Or we’re happy to let you use your soft­ware licenses to com­pletely main­tain your data within your own elec­tronic “walls.”

We count many cus­tomers, most notably includ­ing finan­cial, gov­ern­men­tal, and retail, among our in-house client installations.

Don’t mis­un­der­stand, though — you can, and should, keep using other parts of the Omni­ture Suite for other aspects of your busi­ness. Site­Cat­a­lyst, for instance, remains the heart of web data col­lec­tion and dis­trib­uted report­ing. But you can bring your Site­Cat­a­lyst data into Omni­ture Insight on an in-house server, also load and tie it to any other inter­nal data you pre­fer, and ana­lyze to your heart’s content.

In fact, I’ve had a client track usage of fea­tures of a new appli­ca­tion using Omni­ture Insight, and I cur­rently work with another client who is track­ing the install process for an appli­ca­tion they sell online, and ana­lyz­ing the whole cus­tomer process from mar­ket­ing chan­nel through local instal­la­tion suc­cess in Omni­ture Insight.

So Omni­ture Insight is the log­i­cal answer for the busi­ness case posed on Twit­ter. And for yours, too, if you need to do fast, multi-channel analy­sis on data that you can’t let out­side of your orga­ni­za­tion. Yes! You can keep your data in-house and still ana­lyze it with a pow­er­ful tool inte­grated with the rest of the Omni­ture Suite.

Have a ques­tion about any­thing related to Omni­ture Insight? Do you have any tips or best prac­tices related to Omni­ture Insight you want to share? If so, please leave a com­ment here or send me an e-mail at mhalbrook@​omniture.​com and I will do my best to answer it here on the blog so every­one can learn. (If you pre­fer, I won’t use your name or com­pany name.) You can also fol­low me on Twit­ter @Michael­Hal­brook.

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Daniel Lum
Daniel Lum

We can really see the power of full analysis and attribution across channels from first impression through conversion, and beyond - all in one tool. Adobe Insight helps organizations analyze very large volumes of data and use that information to make well informed strategic business decisions. It also does fast, multi-channel analysis on data that you can’t let outside of your organization.