Updated 1÷18÷2010

Over $10M $21M USD (as of 1÷18÷2010) has been donated to the Amer­i­can Red Cross via SMS for the Hait­ian relief effort since the cam­paign launched early on Wednes­day (1÷13÷2010). By com­par­i­son, $200K+ was donated by text after the Suma­tra Tsunami in 2004 and $400K+ was donated by text after Hur­ri­cane Kat­rina in 2005.

The con­ver­gence of mobile SMS tech­nol­ogy with social media has helped cre­ate the sin­gle largest mobile text dona­tion cam­paign ever. Near uni­ver­sal avail­abil­ity of SMS on mobile hand­sets com­bined with car­rier billing and the imme­di­acy of the mobile chan­nel makes mobile text mes­sag­ing a nat­ural part­ner with social media.

SMS—160 characters max(US limit)
Twitter—140 characters max

Each pro­vides short, timely, action-based correspondence—sounds like the per­fect recipe for gen­er­at­ing emer­gency relief.

Since return­ing from Christ­mas break, I’ve been mostly heads down in strate­gic plan­ning. Iron­i­cally, I’d antic­i­pated my first post back would cover the sig­nif­i­cant mobile growth Omni­ture cus­tomers have seen over the past year or per­haps high­light Google/Admob, Quattro/Apple, or the Nexus One launch. How­ever, the Red Cross cam­paign illus­trates per­fectly the tra­jec­tory mobile chan­nels are on.

So, if you haven’t done it already, be sure to donate $10 to the Red Cross by tex­ting Haiti to 90999 (read­ers out­side the US will have to go to Red​Cross​.org).