Dating back to the mid-1800s, The Economist continues to be recognized as one of the world’s most prominent and trusted weekly publications—attracting seven million unique visitors per month to approximately 20 online channels. Using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions, the award-winning publication is uncovering additional opportunities to boost revenue potential across all of its properties.

Rhoda Ingberman, director of customer insights for The Economist discussed the impact of Adobe solutions saying, “Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, paired with the expertise offered by Adobe Consulting, has helped magnify the successes we can achieve. It’s so important to have a great web analytics partner like Adobe and leverage that partnership to keep you in top form.”

For instance, Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions revealed extremely engaged user segments to The Economist, which empowered the company to develop additional sponsorship opportunities. And, the web metrics enabled by Adobe solutions have decreased monthly reporting efforts by one third. More recently, The Economist is using Adobe solutions to gain deeper understanding of customer activities on mobile platforms and social media sites, and then leveraging this knowledge to create experiences that increase reader engagement through these channels. To learn more about The Economist and its use of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions, click here: