For years mobile has been touted as the next big oppor­tu­nity.  Now with 1 bil­lion mobile appli­ca­tions down­loaded from Apple’s iTunes store, 3G top­ping 25% of total sub­scrip­tions in Europe and the United States (80%+ in some parts of Asia), and world­wide Smart­phone sales com­pris­ing 12% of all hand­set sales, busi­nesses around the world are scal­ing up their mobile invest­ments.  If your enter­prise isn’t cur­rently invest­ing in mobile or has recently launched mobile ini­tia­tives here’s one approach to deter­min­ing if the tim­ing is right for your orga­ni­za­tion to start investing:

Esti­mate Oppor­tu­nity Size/Gauge ROI

Many busi­nesses begin invest­ing in mobile by rolling out a mobile opti­mized ver­sion of their site.  To take this step, you will need to jus­tify the oppor­tu­nity cost and ROI.  Here’s a sim­ple way to size the oppor­tu­nity for your business:

Step 1: Log in to Site­Cat­a­lyst and pull total page views for the site in ques­tion.   You will want to make sure the date range is suf­fi­ciently nar­row to fac­tor out recent growth in the mar­ket but wide enough to account for daily fluc­tu­a­tions.  A range between one and four weeks should be OK.  Total page views for the com­par­i­son week (4÷12−4÷18) were 134,499.

Step 2: Nav­i­gate to the mobile device reports for the same site and date range and pull the total page views for a spe­cific Smart­phone with good JavaScript sup­port.  For the pur­poses of this exam­ple, we’ll use the iPhone.

Dur­ing the com­par­i­son week (4÷12−4÷18) page views gen­er­ated from iPhones were 1,340.

Step 3: Esti­mate iPhone mar­ket share for your indus­try and demo­graphic. A recent Gart­ner report puts iPhone sales at 13% of total smart­phone hand­set sales.  Based on data from Omni­ture cus­tomers, page views from iPhones are run­ning between 10% and 20% of total page views.

Step 4: Esti­mate the mobile opti­miza­tion oppor­tu­nity by divid­ing iPhone page views by esti­mated mar­ket share for the iPhone: 1,340/.15 = 8,933.

Step 5: Esti­mate the mobile seg­ment size by divid­ing the mobile opti­miza­tion oppor­tu­nity size by total pageviews: 8,933/134,499 = 6.6%.

Step 6 (Optional): Repeat Steps 1–5 for sub­se­quent date ranges to dis­cover the mobile adop­tion trend for your business.

In this exam­ple, launch­ing a mobile opti­mized ver­sion of the site will pos­i­tively impact the user expe­ri­ence for over 6% of the page views.  Esti­mat­ing the opti­miza­tion oppor­tu­nity can also be per­formed for other per­for­mance indi­ca­tors (e.g. rev­enue, leads, etc.) using the same method­ol­ogy.  Given the poor expe­ri­ence vis­i­tors com­ing to the site on a mobile device may be hav­ing, the lift to KPIs for your busi­ness may be sig­nif­i­cant.  For exam­ple, at one site I vis­ited recently using a mobile device; I was prompted to “upgrade my browser” and was unable to pro­ceed past the warning.

As a cau­tion, using the steps above to esti­mate the mobile opti­miza­tion oppor­tu­nity will under­state the true oppor­tu­nity because (1) accel­er­at­ing future growth is not fac­tored in-consider the chart below where the customer’s mobile views climbed 73% in five months (2) mobile pro­mo­tion efforts may quickly extend the oppor­tu­nity beyond cur­rent levels-for some cus­tomers, mobile dri­vers to key KPIs account for more than 30% of the total.

Ben Gaines
Ben Gaines

Hans: Yes. Mobile Views is defined as page views generated by the given device(s).


Hello, question for step2: is "total page views for a specific Smartphone" the "Mobile Views" column? There is no "Page View" column in this report available?