Welcome to the last and final part in this series of the Suite for SEM Marketers, if you missed parts 1 or 2 your can get them here and here. In this post I open up the fire hose and give you insights into how to use our conversion products to engage the warp drive on your SEM campaigns. When drinking from the fire hose there is not a lot of time to stop and savor each mouthful so if you would like more detail on something drop me a comment and I can dive deeper into that topic.


SearchCenter and Test&Target work together like a ballroom dance pair. One directs the traffic and the other shows off for the judges. Test&Target does two things for search marketers.

  • It can help you find the best landing experience possible
  • It can help you target the experience to your audience

By testing landing experience search marketers can remove their gut feel from the equation and select landing pages that perform best for that keyword. To get started you can simply have a list of landing experiences and setup a test that tests the handful of landing experiences that you think would apply. Over time you can evolve that to actually performing A/B or even multivariate testing on the landing experiences for your top keyword to squeeze even more ROI out of the landing experiences.

You can also use Test&Target to target your landing experiences by things that are not normally available in search. For example you could target by whether or not the person is a new visitor, by their geography, or by the technology they are using just to name a few. This can help you fine tune the landing experiences even further of those top keywords.


Search&Promote allows you to quickly assemble custom landing pages for you campaigns. It can include products, content, banners and other assets to create a landing experience that is just right for the particular term. It is really useful when you have terms that are associated a section, category, or grouping of content or products. The visual rule builder makes it easy to put together these types of experiences.

There are two ways to create custom landing pages with Search&Promote.

  • Use existing pages and customize the keywords and filters creating a unique url for the page
  • Use the visual rule builder to add assets, custom sorts and other page elements


Finally SiteCatalyst has the ability to do advanced attribution modeling. We can do almost any attribution modeling that you need. This has been covered in a previous post so I won’t spend blog space on it here. See this post for more details Advanced Attribution

Additionally the engineering services group has a number of solutions that allow you to see how people move across campaigns and channels and allow you to see how search marketing fits in with your other efforts.

Wow! We made it. How was the fire hose? Each one of these deserves its own blog post. Drop me a comment if you want more detail on any one of these ideas.