I mention on twitter, I have an exciting announcement.

For the first time in Engineering Services history we are going to give away a new solution for a three week trial during my Summit 2010 break out session.   During my break out session you will learn about the solution and how it will help your company.

If you are wondering why we never did this before the answer is fairly simple.  All solutions that we build are custom solutions.  So even though this is a complimentary trial you will need to work in an Engineering Services Consultant to set up the solution for your unique environment.

In addition to the complimentary trials we will be giving away a six month version of the solution.   All you need to do is place your business card in a bucket when you walk into the session.  I believe in full disclosure so I will tell you we will probably send you an email every once in a while (I would be surprised if you got more than 2 a year).  However, we don’t want you to think we are doing the giveaway to buy your email address. We really want you to experience how a custom solution can help your business. So if you don’t want us to email you about how Engineering Services can help you and your business then simply put NO on the back of your business card.

Important Notes:

  • We only have 100 complimentary trials to give away during summit and there are over 2,000 summit attendees.  So please don’t take one unless you will invest a little time to work with us to get the solution up and running and take the time to look at the reports and give us feedback on the value of the solution.
  • Each instance of the solution takes significant time to setup.  Please be patient as it will take us a few days to set each company up.
  • If you really want a complimentary trial and we run out, then give us your email and we will put you on a waiting list.

As always, post your comments or email me at PearceA (at) adobe.com.  It is your comments and emails that keep me posting and give me ideas for future posts.

You can read about my Summit 2010 breakout session here: http://summitblogs.omniture.com/218/