Summit 2011 is only a couple weeks away and things are getting exciting here. With many big announcements being made this is going to be one exciting conference.

First you will be excited to know that I am going to be presenting in two sessions this year.

Automating Marketing Activities with Online Marketing Suite Platform APIs

In this session I am going to explain to you how you can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating repeated marketing tasks.  I will also give you insider secrets of how the API works and information that will help you to rapidly develop systems and tools to help your company meet their goals.

The guest speaker will be Dan Davis, VP of Software Development for Dan will talk about the problems his company faced and how he used the APIs to optimize marketing activities and save his company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Implementation of Social Measurement via SiteCatalyst Tags

Social media is big and tracking social media is complex.  There are many methods to gather social media data but they are not as straightforward as tagging a webpage.  In this session I will team up with Steve Wirig, Social Media Consultant, and guide you through getting data from social sites and making informed decisions based on that data.  This session is going to be very popular, so you might want to show up a few minutes early as we might end up with standing room only!

The guest speaker will be Stephanie Taylor, Online Marketing and Social Media Manager for Vail Resorts.  Stephanie will talk about the success her company has had with tracking social media and the decisions they have made to improve their presence in the social media space.

Who should attend?

These two sessions are advanced tech sessions. I do not want to scare anyone away because everyone who attends will get good information from the sessions. However, if you are a programmer, tech savvy, or a manager in charge of organizing marketing/analytics actives then these sessions are targeted for you.

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We want to hear what you would like us to cover in these sessions.  If you have ideas or insights or questions post a comment or e-mail me at Pearce (at)  This will help us to create sessions that give you the information you want to hear.