We recently spent some time talk­ing with Vir­gin America’s Bowen Payson, man­ager of online and dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing about how they are using Adobe solu­tions. Bowen’s com­ments pro­vide insight about how online mar­keters can effec­tively mea­sure mul­ti­ple online channels.

In the begin­ning, many of Vir­gin America’s mar­ket­ing efforts were based on trial-and-error and edu­cated guesses from prior expe­ri­ences, because the com­pany didn’t have a way to eas­ily access its online data. “We needed to find a way to dive deeper into our data for bet­ter insight about how peo­ple were engag­ing with our con­tent and make the nec­es­sary adjust­ments to enhance their over­all expe­ri­ence,” said Payson.

With Adobe Solu­tions, Vir­gin Amer­i­can now has valu­able infor­ma­tion about how their cus­tomers inter­act with con­tent and uses that infor­ma­tion to drive busi­ness decisions.

Vir­gin Amer­ica is mea­sur­ing both tra­di­tional web expe­ri­ences as well as social media chan­nels includ­ing Face­book and Twit­ter. Adobe helps Vir­gin Amer­ica deter­mine the over­all traf­fic and book­ings each post has gen­er­ated, as well as view aver­age order value, how many trav­el­ers are booked, and when travel will occur.

Adobe has really helped Vir­gin Amer­ica achieve a cadence and rhythm to its mar­ket­ing pro­grams. Vir­gin America’s revamped web­site has seen a 35% increase in rev­enue gen­er­ated by tar­geted e-mail to a 5.5% increase in con­ver­sion rates from pro­mo­tional con­tent that reaches cus­tomers at the very time they’re plan­ning a trip.

For more infor­ma­tion about how Vir­gin Amer­ica uses Adobe solu­tions to make data-driven deci­sions, please down­load their recent case study. We’d love to hear how you are using Adobe solu­tions to increase your mar­ket­ing effi­ciency and online rel­e­vance, so feel free to com­ment here, on our Face­book page at www​.face​book​.com/​o​m​n​i​t​ure, or e-mail us at customersuccess@​adobe.​com.

Cus­tomer Suc­cess Team