Retailers and marketers have been planning their whole year around the next few weeks. That’s why I’m delighted that we are going to provide our customers with a more insightful analytics experience than ever before.

With the shortest holiday shopping season in the last 10 years, marketers and analysts need every advantage they can get to reach their customers in this limited timeframe. Marketers are gearing up for the flood of product data on the horizon, and we have good news for you.

To maximize sales this holiday shopping season, we’re helping marketers prepare for the flood with up-to-the-minute sales and campaign information. One reason I’m so excited about the new Adobe Analytics real-time report is that it now includes classifications.

It’s like an early holiday gift that will make life easier for marketers and analysts. Now, marketers and analysts can see actual product names in the real-time reports instead of difficult-to-decipher SKU numbers.

I’m not the only one at Adobe who’s excited about the potential of our real-time reports this holiday season. My colleague Ben Gaines recently wrote about the updated features in “Classifications Now Available for Real-Time Reporting,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

The addition of classifications to our real-time reports gives marketers and analysts the ability to uncover critical insights quickly and easily deliver those insights to all their stakeholders throughout the holiday shopping season.

Relevant data is updated automatically every 5 seconds and streamed to your war room dashboard in full-screen view. That means there will be no more manual reloads for the 2013 holiday season. You set the metrics you want to measure, and then the critical product data is right there, easier than ever to visualize and make critical decisions with.

Basically, marketers can sit back with a drink and popcorn on Black Friday, on Cyber Monday, or for the entire holiday season and watch it all unfold: real-time sales, up-to-the-second revenue, and campaign performance to name a few.