How can you harness the largest audience on a single website in the market today? According to Hitwise, Facebook is now the largest single site on the web. Facebook reaches 400 million active users each month. And 50% of that audiences log-in every day.
And not just visiting. On average, users are spending almost 12% of their total online time on Facebook compared to just over 4% on Google. During the Olympic opening ceremony, as users were watching the television broadcast on NBC, 41% of that audience was logged into Facebook at the same time.
And the most powerful aspect is the targeting. Facebook offers the ability to pick the audience you want to reach through rich profile targeting. As users register, they provide information about themselves and share that data. Such as, age, gender, where they live, interests, hobbies, and marital status just to name some.
And if that wasn’t enough, a recent eMarketer report showed that more than 50% of Facebook users would be more likely to buy or recommend a brand since becoming a Facebook fan.
What does all this mean? Simple, Facebook reaches a massive and engaged audience who can be targeted and are more likely to buy from or recommend your brand.

Omniture has partnered with Facebook to integrate the ability to buy ads through our award winning SearchCenter ad management application.
SearchCenter allows customers to easily create and manage ad buys through our bid management functions with access to all the rich profile targeting Facebook offers. SearchCenter also allows ad optimization based on key business metrics captured in SiteCatalyst. The integration gives users a complete view of the data that matters most, all in a single interface.
SearchCenter captures the impression, click and cost data from Facebook and seamlessly maps that with all the traffic and conversion data captured in SiteCatalyst. This offers customers deep analytics capabilities and greater understanding of how the Facebook ads are impacting their search campaigns and overall ROI.