Today, we have announced the public availability of our new offering Adobe TagManager. Let us tell you why we think this is exciting.

“Tags” are everywhere on the web. They are everywhere on your site. When you want to try a new marketing optimization technology from a vendor, you more than likely deploy a tag. When you want to stop using it, you need to remove that tag. When you want to measure the success of your site or marketing campaigns, you might need to augment or modify current tagging on a site. Thanks to digital marketing technology vendors – well, like us – there is an ongoing challenge in trying to deploy and maintain a plethora of tags.

We feel your pain.

At Adobe, we offer a number of products that are enabled via “tags”. Technologically, that means that those products operate by embedding a <script> tag on your HTML pages that references a JavaScript library which performs some functionality to measure or optimize site performance. Through these technologies, which we admittedly manage under our one company and organization, we feel the same pain as the broader market when getting them deployed and integrated. So, we decided to solve the problem.

With Adobe TagManager, you can manage all tag-enabled products from the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. But, of course, we didn’t stop there. You can manage all the 3rd-party tags and custom logic you need to as well! Each of these tags can be set to execute under only certain conditions of the site or browsing session. Each tag can be scheduled to turn on or off at certain times.

Quite possibly the coolest thing about our offering is the simplicity of deployment for our existing customers. We have been serving digital marketing organizations for a long time. Through that time, these organizations have placed SiteCatalyst tags on billions of pages across the web in order to effectively measure success. The investment made in that effort can now be leveraged. The tag that is already present on those billions of pages can be turned into a tag container to deploy other tags with only a single change per site. A Digital Marketing Suite customer can simply update their s_code file and be using TagManager immediately. Yes, yes – we know that this will take some interaction with different teams in your organization, but once done, the TagManager will simplify your ongoing interaction with those teams as you deploy and manage more technologies.

So what is TagManager? Its pretty simple really. TagManager consists of:

  • A “tag container” or JavaScript library that we host on behalf of our customers which contains configurations for all tags that need to fire on a site. We host this container in 3 different environments at all times – Dev, Staging, and Live. These environments can be used by different teams in your organization to facilitate the handoff between the different parties involved in development, testing, and deployment.
  • An administrative user interface where you can manage the configurations of each tag in the container.
  • Full tag auditing functionality provided by what you probably have come to know as our DigitalPulse product.

Once in place, TagManager can greatly improve your marketing organization’s agility as well as efficacy. By being able to deploy technologies more rapidly and manage them more effectively, you can try the newest technologies while only keeping the best ones active and ensure that your data is hygienic.

We see this as a foundational building block for all digital marketing activities. We see great opportunity in enabling our customers on this platform. We have a strong roadmap for how this product will delight and surprise you as it evolves with you and your organization. We are excited to have you use Adobe TagManager and get your feedback.

We are looking forward to helping to make your marketing more agile, your job easier, and your life a little less stressful.

Please feel free to check out our full product description here: