Adobe expects con­sumers will spend more than $500 mil­lion online this Valentine’s Day

Adobe Digital Index - Valentine's Day

But nearly half of that spend­ing won’t occur until 4 days before Valentine’s. Bet­ter late than never, right guys?

Accord­ing to Adobe Dig­i­tal Index data and based on the analy­sis of 30 mil­lion vis­its in 2013, online sales in the Jew­elry and Gifts cat­e­gory, which also includes flow­ers, choco­lates, and related items, will peak the Mon­day before Valentine’s at four times nor­mal sales and remain high (3.5x of nor­mal) right up to Valentine’s as for­get­ful shop­pers pick up last-minute gifts while spring­ing for next-day shipping.


The Valentine’s Day spike for Jew­elry and Gifts is most appar­ent when com­pared to the expec­ta­tion for other gift-related cat­e­gories. For exam­ple, cat­e­gories that are typ­i­cally asso­ci­ated with gifts for men (elec­tron­ics, sport­ing goods) remain rel­a­tively flat lead­ing up to Valentine’s. C’mon girls!

Five year growth pattern

Spend­ing expec­ta­tions for 2013 are in line with Valentine’s shop­ping pat­terns over the last five years. How­ever, because Valentine’s falls on a Thurs­day this year, we expect sales to be drawn out over Mon­day, Tues­day, and Wednes­day, rather than the sin­gle peak seen in 2012 (when Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday).


Not every­one pro­cras­ti­nates until the last day. In fact, the pat­tern indi­cates that the most excited love birds start shop­ping three weeks before Valentine’s.



Jew­elry and Gifts retail­ers who have opti­mized their web­sites for mobile devices will see the pay­off as nearly 25% of vis­its from love-struck shop­pers are expected from mobile devices (15% smart­phone, 10% tablet), which is higher than the 21% mobile traf­fic other retail­ers can expect and dou­ble that seen last Valentine’s day (12%).

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