The SiteCatalyst Retail team at Adobe Consulting prides itself as being the go-to experts for designing and executing a SiteCatalyst implementation from the ground up for your retail website.   The breadth of experience and knowledge of the good things – and the bad things – that our clients have done when deploying SiteCatalyst on their websites have enabled the team to discuss, compile, and produce a list of fundamental tracking solutions that we feel every retail website should have in place.

You may say to yourself, “well, my implementation is pretty good as it is.”  True, it might be.  But keep in mind that Adobe Consulting’s fundamental solutions for tracking retail websites have evolved significantly over the five-plus years that I’ve been with the team and we believe that they will continue to evolve.  Those of you who have engaged with Adobe Consulting in the past may have heard of what we call “The Twelve Fundamentals”.   To those, I have to bluntly say, “Fuhgettaboutit!”

Nowadays, we do group the fundamental solutions into different categories but will also never set in stone a static number of categories to group them into.   As websites and the technology that powers them constantly improve to help facilitate the customer experience, we in Adobe Consulting also constantly fine-tune the methodology, the tools, and the solutions that you will use to help gauge the customer experience.   The solutions we might have provided three years ago are most likely now outdated whereas what we might provide today will most likely find itself on the chopping block in the future.

But we’re okay with that.  And quite frankly, you should be, too.  After all, don’t you want the latest and greatest tracking solution if it’s available?   Look at it this way – if you’re a gadget geek, you probably think of iPads, Android Phones, and other cool stuff like that a lot.  You most likely have a nifty gadget of your own as well but you might, unfortunately, have one that’s slightly… ahem… “outdated”.

My First Gen iPhone rules! Worship me!

For instance, if you have just a first generation iPhone, which was released in the first half of 2007, you might have a little bit of envy for those who have a 4th generation iPad or a Nexus 7 Android Tablet (By the way, if you’re reading this article sometime after 2014, I imagine you’re having a little chuckle right now at my mention of all of these now-outdated and “useless” devices).   You’re probably saying to yourself, “hey, I need to get one of those!”   After all, your neighbor has one, and because he has one, he seems to be the one that’s getting all of the (arguably undeserved) attention right now.  “Well,” you say, “that’s gonna come to a stop, right now!”

So it is with your business.  It’s possible that your competitors are successfully using the best solutions available right now for their web analytics.  That doesn’t necessarily make their business or their website better than yours, but if they have access to the best data and the best analysis and optimization tools, they definitely might find themselves with a better website soon if you don’t act.

So, what’s the purpose of this blog?  To help you act; after all, I want you to succeed.  I want you to get the brass ring, the big banana, the gold medal, or whatever top prize that you’re aiming for when it comes to optimizing your website.  And the best way that I as an Adobe SiteCatalyst Technical consultant can help you is to make sure you collect the cleanest and most usable data from your web site as possible.   So, I will, over the coming weeks, provide what we in Adobe Consulting consider to be the best practices for deploying a solution for tracking a retail website right now.  Some of the solutions I bring up might seem familiar.  Some might not seem familiar.  Heck, some might be outdated from your perspective – after all, we in Adobe Consulting love to hear of new ideas and hope that we’re not so myopic to think that we truly “know it all”.   If you have a great solution in mind that we just haven’t thought of yet, we definitely encourage you to share your knowledge in the comments below.  But in any case, I hope that regardless of your experience and expertise, you will be able to learn something here that will help you succeed.  After all, you’re reading this blog post, and because you’re reading this blog post, you deserve an awesome SiteCatalyst Implementation, right now.