The Site­Cat­a­lyst Retail team at Adobe Con­sult­ing prides itself as being the go-to experts for design­ing and exe­cut­ing a Site­Cat­a­lyst imple­men­ta­tion from the ground up for your retail web­site.   The breadth of expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge of the good things — and the bad things — that our clients have done when deploy­ing Site­Cat­a­lyst on their web­sites have enabled the team to dis­cuss, com­pile, and pro­duce a list of fun­da­men­tal track­ing solu­tions that we feel every retail web­site should have in place.

You may say to your­self, “well, my imple­men­ta­tion is pretty good as it is.”  True, it might be.  But keep in mind that Adobe Consulting’s fun­da­men­tal solu­tions for track­ing retail web­sites have evolved sig­nif­i­cantly over the five-plus years that I’ve been with the team and we believe that they will con­tinue to evolve.  Those of you who have engaged with Adobe Con­sult­ing in the past may have heard of what we call “The Twelve Fun­da­men­tals”.   To those, I have to bluntly say, “Fuhgettaboutit!”

Nowa­days, we do group the fun­da­men­tal solu­tions into dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories but will also never set in stone a sta­tic num­ber of cat­e­gories to group them into.   As web­sites and the tech­nol­ogy that pow­ers them con­stantly improve to help facil­i­tate the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, we in Adobe Con­sult­ing also con­stantly fine-tune the method­ol­ogy, the tools, and the solu­tions that you will use to help gauge the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence.   The solu­tions we might have pro­vided three years ago are most likely now out­dated whereas what we might pro­vide today will most likely find itself on the chop­ping block in the future.

But we’re okay with that.  And quite frankly, you should be, too.  After all, don’t you want the lat­est and great­est track­ing solu­tion if it’s avail­able?   Look at it this way — if you’re a gad­get geek, you prob­a­bly think of iPads, Android Phones, and other cool stuff like that a lot.  You most likely have a nifty gad­get of your own as well but you might, unfor­tu­nately, have one that’s slightly… ahem… “outdated”.

My First Gen iPhone rules! Wor­ship me!

For instance, if you have just a first gen­er­a­tion iPhone, which was released in the first half of 2007, you might have a lit­tle bit of envy for those who have a 4th gen­er­a­tion iPad or a Nexus 7 Android Tablet (By the way, if you’re read­ing this arti­cle some­time after 2014, I imag­ine you’re hav­ing a lit­tle chuckle right now at my men­tion of all of these now-outdated and “use­less” devices).   You’re prob­a­bly say­ing to your­self, “hey, I need to get one of those!”   After all, your neigh­bor has one, and because he has one, he seems to be the one that’s get­ting all of the (arguably unde­served) atten­tion right now.  “Well,” you say, “that’s gonna come to a stop, right now!”

So it is with your busi­ness.  It’s pos­si­ble that your com­peti­tors are suc­cess­fully using the best solu­tions avail­able right now for their web ana­lyt­ics.  That doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily make their busi­ness or their web­site bet­ter than yours, but if they have access to the best data and the best analy­sis and opti­miza­tion tools, they def­i­nitely might find them­selves with a bet­ter web­site soon if you don’t act.

So, what’s the pur­pose of this blog?  To help you act; after all, I want you to suc­ceed.  I want you to get the brass ring, the big banana, the gold medal, or what­ever top prize that you’re aim­ing for when it comes to opti­miz­ing your web­site.  And the best way that I as an Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst Tech­ni­cal con­sul­tant can help you is to make sure you col­lect the clean­est and most usable data from your web site as pos­si­ble.   So, I will, over the com­ing weeks, pro­vide what we in Adobe Con­sult­ing con­sider to be the best prac­tices for deploy­ing a solu­tion for track­ing a retail web­site right now.  Some of the solu­tions I bring up might seem famil­iar.  Some might not seem famil­iar.  Heck, some might be out­dated from your per­spec­tive — after all, we in Adobe Con­sult­ing love to hear of new ideas and hope that we’re not so myopic to think that we truly “know it all”.   If you have a great solu­tion in mind that we just haven’t thought of yet, we def­i­nitely encour­age you to share your knowl­edge in the com­ments below.  But in any case, I hope that regard­less of your expe­ri­ence and exper­tise, you will be able to learn some­thing here that will help you suc­ceed.  After all, you’re read­ing this blog post, and because you’re read­ing this blog post, you deserve an awe­some Site­Cat­a­lyst Imple­men­ta­tion, right now.