Have you ever wished that you had more money?  Have you ever wanted a personal chef to make you healthy, tasty meals? Do you wish you could lose weight without putting in a lot of effort?  Well this solution has nothing to do with any of that.

The YouTube Viral Video Alert System is insurance for your company’s image.

What is the YouTube Alert System?

The YouTube Alert system will send an email or text to a list of people when a video starts to become viral on YouTube.

How it works

We have a system that searches for videos with your company or key product in the video information.  Based on the search results, if any video exceeds a pre-defined threshold, an alert is sent to the distribution list. For example, a car rental company would setup an alert system that will monitor for phrases such as “rental cars” and their company name.  Then we set a threshold of 25,000 views in the system.  Based on a threshold of 25,000 video views, we check every day to see if there are any new videos that exceed our threshold.  If we find one, we send a high alert email, informing of the potential business opportunity or PR disaster.

Additional Reporting

If you are interested, we can build reports in SiteCatalyst that will trend the video views over time giving you a perspective on how the top videos are trending.

How to get this solution

You can go to the solution portal and request more information about the solution.  After a couple days you will receive an email from one of us on the Engineering Services team and we can answer any question you have about the solution.  You can also contact your account manager and they will point you in the right direction.

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Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown

I was wondering why the youtube viral video alert system would be called an insurance for a company's reputation. Then I realized that it was a good way to see what others were saying about you on youtube. Many people now are able to post videos that promote or criticize a brand, and brand conscious companies should do their best to track what others are saying. From there, they can either take the video down or post a reply video in response.