Have you ever wished that you had more money?  Have you ever wanted a per­sonal chef to make you healthy, tasty meals? Do you wish you could lose weight with­out putting in a lot of effort?  Well this solu­tion has noth­ing to do with any of that.

The YouTube Viral Video Alert Sys­tem is insur­ance for your company’s image.

What is the YouTube Alert System?

The YouTube Alert sys­tem will send an email or text to a list of peo­ple when a video starts to become viral on YouTube.

How it works

We have a sys­tem that searches for videos with your com­pany or key prod­uct in the video infor­ma­tion.  Based on the search results, if any video exceeds a pre-defined thresh­old, an alert is sent to the dis­tri­b­u­tion list. For exam­ple, a car rental com­pany would setup an alert sys­tem that will mon­i­tor for phrases such as “rental cars” and their com­pany name.  Then we set a thresh­old of 25,000 views in the sys­tem.  Based on a thresh­old of 25,000 video views, we check every day to see if there are any new videos that exceed our thresh­old.  If we find one, we send a high alert email, inform­ing of the poten­tial busi­ness oppor­tu­nity or PR disaster.

Addi­tional Reporting

If you are inter­ested, we can build reports in Site­Cat­a­lyst that will trend the video views over time giv­ing you a per­spec­tive on how the top videos are trending.

How to get this solution

You can go to the solu­tion por­tal and request more infor­ma­tion about the solu­tion.  After a cou­ple days you will receive an email from one of us on the Engi­neer­ing Ser­vices team and we can answer any ques­tion you have about the solu­tion.  You can also con­tact your account man­ager and they will point you in the right direction.

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Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown

I was wondering why the youtube viral video alert system would be called an insurance for a company's reputation. Then I realized that it was a good way to see what others were saying about you on youtube. Many people now are able to post videos that promote or criticize a brand, and brand conscious companies should do their best to track what others are saying. From there, they can either take the video down or post a reply video in response.