It’s been less than a year since Adobe acquired Neolane and what a ride it’s been so far! In that time, we’ve made great strides in our inte­gra­tion into the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud and we truly believe that we’re deliv­er­ing on the promises of our acqui­si­tion. Our goal always has been and will con­tinue to be: bring­ing great value to mar­keters by inte­grat­ing cross-channel cam­paign man­age­ment into the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud.

Our par­tic­i­pa­tion at this year’s Adobe Sum­mit builds on the momen­tum we’ve started in such a short time. Since last sum­mer, our solu­tion has been rebranded as Adobe Cam­paign, we announced a new pric­ing model that allows mar­keters to scale and unify their cam­paigns in a way that is not cost-prohibitive or tied to email CPM, and most recently we announced our key inte­gra­tion with Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ager.  And in speak­ing with cus­tomers, part­ners, and key indus­try influ­encers, every­one is happy with the speed in which this has all happened.

But this is just the beginning…

In the spirit of con­tin­u­ing this fast-paced route, Adobe Cam­paign is happy to announce addi­tional mile­stones into our inte­gra­tion with the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud.  We’re thrilled to announce that our cus­tomers can now ben­e­fit from the fol­low­ing new functionality:

  • Sin­gle Sign-On — Cus­tomers (mar­keters) will now have a secure and seam­less expe­ri­ence by hav­ing the abil­ity to log-on only once to access all Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud solu­tions, includ­ing Adobe Campaign.
  • Touch & Mobile Capa­bil­i­ties — Mar­keters can now use Adobe Cam­paign on mobile devices, giv­ing them access to the same set of famil­iar desk­top capa­bil­i­ties and allow­ing them to cre­ate and exe­cute all of their cross-channel cam­paigns on iPad and Android tablets.  The new, respon­sive browser based expe­ri­ence brings the pop­u­lar desk­top capa­bil­i­ties to mobile devices and is the first of its kind in the industry.
  • Look & Feel of Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud – To ensure con­sis­tency across all solu­tions for exist­ing cus­tomers, Adobe Cam­paign has been fully re-designed to use the same Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud look and feel as well as nav­i­ga­tion tools.
  • Shared Cus­tomer Data for the Mas­ter Mar­ket­ing Pro­file – Adobe Cam­paign pro­vides real– time infor­ma­tion to the Mas­ter Mar­ket­ing Pro­file, which gives com­pa­nies a sin­gle, con­tex­tu­ally aware view of their cus­tomers and prospects to fur­ther deepen rela­tion­ships and offer highly per­son­al­ized con­tent expe­ri­ences across all mar­ket­ing chan­nels. Dynamic cus­tomer pro­files are updated in real time with user behav­ior data from all six Mar­ket­ing Cloud Solu­tions and third party CRM sys­tems. As the only mar­ket­ing pro­file that inte­grates known and anony­mous data in real time, Mas­ter Mar­ket­ing Pro­file is the first of its kind in the industry.
  • Inte­gra­tion into the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud SDK –  In order to re-engage with loyal cus­tomers across all mobile appli­ca­tions, Adobe Cam­paign is being inte­grated with Adobe Mobile Ser­vices 2.0, allow­ing com­pa­nies to deliver rel­e­vant con­tent con­sis­tently across devices.

Even more impor­tantly, Adobe Cam­paign is start­ing our Beta pro­gram this quar­ter. The best path to suc­cess to is to part­ner with our cus­tomers. We’ve been rec­og­nized con­sis­tently by our stake­hold­ers as THE leader in cross-channel cam­paign man­age­ment. The only way to con­tinue that stel­lar grow is to work with our cus­tomers to learn what they need in terms of build­ing future ver­sions of Adobe Cam­paign. Our cus­tomers’ feed­back and direc­tion will be key for our growth and their con­tin­ued success.

As this is our first time at Adobe Sum­mit, we’re excited to have this oppor­tu­nity to share all of this with you. While we’ve done so much in such a short amount of time and this truly is just the beginning.