Jus­tAn­swer spe­cial­izes in quickly con­nect­ing peo­ple with ques­tions to experts with answers. To keep its cus­tomers engaged, Jus­tAn­swer has made one-to-one com­mu­ni­ca­tion the cen­ter­piece of its mar­ket­ing strat­egy. By con­sol­i­dat­ing cam­paign man­age­ment and com­mu­ni­ca­tions onto Adobe Cam­paign in Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, the com­pany enables real-time ana­lyt­ics and per­son­al­ized com­mu­ni­ca­tions from a sin­gle platform.

Our biggest goal is to gen­er­ate more timely and per­son­al­ized one-to-one inter­ac­tions with our cus­tomers. Adobe Cam­paign enables us to do all of that, and do it more effi­ciently and effec­tively,” says Kara Dou­glas, head of email mar­ket­ing at JustAnswer.

Imple­ment­ing Adobe Cam­paign has helped Jus­tAn­swer increase year-over-year rev­enues from exist­ing cus­tomers by 110 per­cent. At the same time, the com­pany has been able to cut its email data­base in half by focus­ing on its most valu­able cus­tomers. http://​adobe​.ly/​1​i​u​e​N2z