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Mar­keters are always being tasked with show­ing results that affect the bot­tom line. Lead gen­er­a­tion and lead man­age­ment are crit­i­cal com­po­nents of prov­ing marketing’s worth by estab­lish­ing and nur­tur­ing high-quality leads to send to the sales team.

When it comes to lead man­age­ment, there are many resources avail­able on the web for under­stand­ing its def­i­n­i­tion, best prac­tices, and much more. We’ve com­piled a list of the best resources, both from Adobe Cam­paign experts and other author­i­ta­tive sources in the field.

DrawingTop 10 Lead Man­age­ment Blogs

Look­ing for a good read on lead man­age­ment? We gath­ered what we believe are the best lead management-focused posts, includ­ing interview-style posts with experts; lead man­age­ment basics, tips, and indus­tries; and also one cre­ative approach to defin­ing effec­tive lead scoring.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment Ques­tions with Answers from the Experts

We  scoured the web to find some of the most com­mon lead man­age­ment ques­tions out there and pro­vided in-depth answers to each in a FAQ-style lead man­age­ment post.

  1. Ven­dor Vari­ables: Ques­tions Are Key to Buy­ing a Lead Man­age­ment Solution

This post focuses on the impor­tance of ask­ing ques­tions dur­ing the lead man­age­ment solu­tion selec­tion process, which can vary depend­ing on needs. Crit­i­cal ques­tions to ask are included, as well as evi­dence of the vast amount of solu­tions available.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment Builds a United Front for Marketing

Lead man­age­ment has changed recently, as social media mar­ket­ing and cross-channel efforts have become vital to suc­cess. This post looks at results from Gartner’s Magic Quad­rant to exam­ine trends in the lead man­age­ment and CRM indus­try and to see how ven­dors are adapt­ing to the chang­ing landscape.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment Basics: 5 Steps for Switch­ing from Mass Mar­ket­ing to Micro

Gone are the days of effec­tive “batch and blast” mar­ket­ing tac­tics. This post offers 5 crit­i­cal steps on how to make the nec­es­sary switch from mass mar­ket­ing to micro-segments.

  1. The Top 3 Lead Man­age­ment Tips

To get a sense of how best prac­tices have evolved in cur­rent mar­ket con­di­tions, we ran a con­test on Face­book and Twit­ter ask­ing fans and fol­low­ers to share their best lead man­age­ment tips. The top 3 lead man­age­ment tips as well as Twit­ter pro­files of the win­ners are included.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment: 67 Tips from the Biggest Experts in the Field

This expan­sive post serves as an essen­tial lead man­age­ment guide by pro­vid­ing 67 tips from the biggest experts in the lead man­age­ment field.

  1. How To: Build an Effec­tive Lead Man­age­ment Process

Once a lead man­age­ment solu­tion has been selected, it’s time for the next step: build­ing a process for the solu­tion and orga­ni­za­tion. This post offers some good tips for cre­at­ing an effec­tive lead man­age­ment process in today’s landscape.

  1. 6 Indus­tries (Beyond High Tech) Where Lead Man­age­ment Is Essential

Early on, the high-tech and soft­ware indus­tries saw con­sid­er­able early adop­tion growth in lead man­age­ment, but, over time, this has changed. This post shares sev­eral other indus­tries that are now ben­e­fit­ing from effec­tive lead man­age­ment solutions.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment Mar­ket Overview Published!

This For­rester post high­lights the lead man­age­ment mar­ket in 2009 and pro­vides a unique oppor­tu­nity to com­pare the cur­rent state of the mar­ket with that of a few years ago.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment Lessons: How to Get a Hole-in-One with Lead Scoring

Fore! This post offers a cre­ative twist on lead man­age­ment by com­par­ing the lead scor­ing process to a tra­di­tional 9-hole, mini golf course.


Top 4 Lead Man­age­ment White Papers & Case Studies

If you’re look­ing for some­thing more in-depth, check out this mix of case stud­ies and white papers that attempt to make a case for lead man­age­ment adop­tion. Actual busi­ness results real­ized from lead man­age­ment imple­men­ta­tion can be seen across a few dif­fer­ent industries.


  1. Sophos Increases Lead Man­age­ment Sophis­ti­ca­tion and Improves Engage­ment with Per­pet­ual Prospects

Read this case study to learn how Adobe helped Sophos increase its lead man­age­ment efforts, which led to cross-channel engage­ment with per­pet­ual prospects.

  1. Don’t Set­tle for a “Good Enough” B2B Lead Man­age­ment Solution

This white paper advises lead man­age­ment solu­tion buy­ers not to fall for the num­ber one trap: set­tling for a solu­tion that is sim­ply “good enough.” Ask­ing ques­tions to make sure you select a solu­tion that makes your process great is the key.

  1. Show Me the Money

This white paper describes how B2B mar­keters can defend their bud­gets through bet­ter lead man­age­ment prac­tices, which is an ongo­ing chal­lenge for today’s marketer.

  1. Chang­ing Expec­ta­tions: The Future of Lead Management

This white paper explains how lead man­age­ment can quan­tify the num­ber qual­i­fied leads passed to sales and where those leads flow through the fun­nel into oppor­tu­ni­ties and sales.


Top 5 Lead Man­age­ment Webi­nars and Slideshare Presentations 

Have some extra time? Take a look at these webi­nars and Slideshare pre­sen­ta­tions to hear from a wide range of indus­try experts via inter­ac­tive con­tent. The great thing about webi­nars and pre­sen­ta­tions is they pro­vide a plat­form for experts to express opin­ions to cus­tomers or prospects through sound and images ver­sus writ­ten content.

  1. Lead Con­ver­sion 2.0 for a Recov­er­ing Econ­omy Webinar

In this webi­nar, mar­ket­ing con­sul­tant M.H. (Mac) McIn­tosh and direct mar­ket­ing con­sul­tant and Colum­bia Busi­ness School Pro­fes­sor Ruth Stevens engage in a dia­logue about con­vert­ing leads in a recov­ery economy.

  1. Four Steps to Align Sales and Mar­ket­ing for Improved Lead Management

The inte­gra­tion of sales and mar­ket­ing is key to orga­ni­za­tional suc­cess. Join Broad­Point Tech­nolo­gies and The Annu­itas Group as they dis­cuss the four key steps your orga­ni­za­tion can take to improve rela­tion­ships and results for your sales and mar­ket­ing teams.

  1. Find­ing, Cre­at­ing, and Man­ag­ing Leads

This 3Forward webi­nar offers tips on how to bet­ter find, cre­ate, and man­age leads through older and newer mar­ket­ing tools.

  1. Best Prac­tices for Lead Management

This short, 5-slide pre­sen­ta­tion pro­vides a look into lead man­age­ment and offers a few best prac­tices, as seen by Charles Chatta of The Pur­suit Group.

  1. Lead Man­age­ment for a Cross-Channel World

As more and more mar­ket­ing chan­nels become avail­able, cus­tomers have options. This pre­sen­ta­tion dis­cusses the impor­tance of man­ag­ing leads across all chan­nels, to achieve max­i­mum cam­paign effectiveness.

Lead man­age­ment in today’s multi-channel world can be com­plex, but these resources pro­vide a solid road map toward suc­cess­ful lead man­age­ment efforts. For more lead man­age­ment infor­ma­tion, feel free to take a look at our lead man­age­ment best prac­tices page.