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Marketers are always being tasked with showing results that affect the bottom line. Lead generation and lead management are critical components of proving marketing’s worth by establishing and nurturing high-quality leads to send to the sales team.

When it comes to lead management, there are many resources available on the web for understanding its definition, best practices, and much more. We’ve compiled a list of the best resources, both from Adobe Campaign experts and other authoritative sources in the field.

DrawingTop 10 Lead Management Blogs

Looking for a good read on lead management? We gathered what we believe are the best lead management-focused posts, including interview-style posts with experts; lead management basics, tips, and industries; and also one creative approach to defining effective lead scoring.

  1. Lead Management Questions with Answers from the Experts

We  scoured the web to find some of the most common lead management questions out there and provided in-depth answers to each in a FAQ-style lead management post.

  1. Vendor Variables: Questions Are Key to Buying a Lead Management Solution

This post focuses on the importance of asking questions during the lead management solution selection process, which can vary depending on needs. Critical questions to ask are included, as well as evidence of the vast amount of solutions available.

  1. Lead Management Builds a United Front for Marketing

Lead management has changed recently, as social media marketing and cross-channel efforts have become vital to success. This post looks at results from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant to examine trends in the lead management and CRM industry and to see how vendors are adapting to the changing landscape.

  1. Lead Management Basics: 5 Steps for Switching from Mass Marketing to Micro

Gone are the days of effective “batch and blast” marketing tactics. This post offers 5 critical steps on how to make the necessary switch from mass marketing to micro-segments.

  1. The Top 3 Lead Management Tips

To get a sense of how best practices have evolved in current market conditions, we ran a contest on Facebook and Twitter asking fans and followers to share their best lead management tips. The top 3 lead management tips as well as Twitter profiles of the winners are included.

  1. Lead Management: 67 Tips from the Biggest Experts in the Field

This expansive post serves as an essential lead management guide by providing 67 tips from the biggest experts in the lead management field.

  1. How To: Build an Effective Lead Management Process

Once a lead management solution has been selected, it’s time for the next step: building a process for the solution and organization. This post offers some good tips for creating an effective lead management process in today’s landscape.

  1. 6 Industries (Beyond High Tech) Where Lead Management Is Essential

Early on, the high-tech and software industries saw considerable early adoption growth in lead management, but, over time, this has changed. This post shares several other industries that are now benefiting from effective lead management solutions.

  1. Lead Management Market Overview Published!

This Forrester post highlights the lead management market in 2009 and provides a unique opportunity to compare the current state of the market with that of a few years ago.

  1. Lead Management Lessons: How to Get a Hole-in-One with Lead Scoring

Fore! This post offers a creative twist on lead management by comparing the lead scoring process to a traditional 9-hole, mini golf course.


Top 4 Lead Management White Papers & Case Studies

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, check out this mix of case studies and white papers that attempt to make a case for lead management adoption. Actual business results realized from lead management implementation can be seen across a few different industries.


  1. Sophos Increases Lead Management Sophistication and Improves Engagement with Perpetual Prospects

Read this case study to learn how Adobe helped Sophos increase its lead management efforts, which led to cross-channel engagement with perpetual prospects.

  1. Don’t Settle for a “Good Enough” B2B Lead Management Solution

This white paper advises lead management solution buyers not to fall for the number one trap: settling for a solution that is simply “good enough.” Asking questions to make sure you select a solution that makes your process great is the key.

  1. Show Me the Money

This white paper describes how B2B marketers can defend their budgets through better lead management practices, which is an ongoing challenge for today’s marketer.

  1. Changing Expectations: The Future of Lead Management

This white paper explains how lead management can quantify the number qualified leads passed to sales and where those leads flow through the funnel into opportunities and sales.


Top 5 Lead Management Webinars and Slideshare Presentations 

Have some extra time? Take a look at these webinars and Slideshare presentations to hear from a wide range of industry experts via interactive content. The great thing about webinars and presentations is they provide a platform for experts to express opinions to customers or prospects through sound and images versus written content.

  1. Lead Conversion 2.0 for a Recovering Economy Webinar

In this webinar, marketing consultant M.H. (Mac) McIntosh and direct marketing consultant and Columbia Business School Professor Ruth Stevens engage in a dialogue about converting leads in a recovery economy.

  1. Four Steps to Align Sales and Marketing for Improved Lead Management

The integration of sales and marketing is key to organizational success. Join BroadPoint Technologies and The Annuitas Group as they discuss the four key steps your organization can take to improve relationships and results for your sales and marketing teams.

  1. Finding, Creating, and Managing Leads

This 3Forward webinar offers tips on how to better find, create, and manage leads through older and newer marketing tools.

  1. Best Practices for Lead Management

This short, 5-slide presentation provides a look into lead management and offers a few best practices, as seen by Charles Chatta of The Pursuit Group.

  1. Lead Management for a Cross-Channel World

As more and more marketing channels become available, customers have options. This presentation discusses the importance of managing leads across all channels, to achieve maximum campaign effectiveness.

Lead management in today’s multi-channel world can be complex, but these resources provide a solid road map toward successful lead management efforts. For more lead management information, feel free to take a look at our lead management best practices page.