In the era of Big Data, not hav­ing an audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion, or data man­age­ment plat­form (DMP), is not an option for busi­nesses desir­ing to remain rel­e­vant and prof­itable. Gartner’s Research Vice Pres­i­dent Ana­lyst Rita Sal­lam argues that such solu­tions are now must-haves for survival.

Last week, we looked at the first three rea­sons why you should con­sider an audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion. They were 1) gain greater cus­tomer insight, 2) get the bird’s eye view of per­for­mance data, and 3) inte­grate data and break down silos.

Under­stand­ably, the deci­sion to invest in an audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion is not a small one. This arti­cle, sup­ported by the lat­est indus­try research, will help you explore the value added to your orga­ni­za­tion and your poten­tial ROI.

Rea­son 4: Receive Bite-Sized, Action­able Audi­ence Insights

Do you have time to ana­lyze cus­tomer data, deliver advice to your team, and take rel­e­vant action? If you’re like most mar­keters, then the answer is a resound­ing, “No.”

So while analy­sis may be occur­ring at some level, it seems that rel­e­vant actions are not resulting.

An audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion brings Big Data down to the user level, cre­at­ing small, bite-sized data that you can ingest and use to get your job done. The Inter­ac­tive Adver­tis­ing Bureau (IAB) and Win­ter­berry Group report that this solu­tion acts as “an online solu­tion for col­lect­ing real-time insights, enabling holis­tic data nor­mal­iza­tion and uti­liza­tion.” A vice pres­i­dent of sales oper­a­tions at a top 10 pub­lisher noted, “At the top of our list of needs is action­able insights. Any plat­form that helps ‘bub­ble up to the sur­face’ action­able audi­ence segments—and does so in an auto­mated, pro­gram­matic way—is valu­able to us. [Other than the DMP], right now we don’t have a lot of ded­i­cated resources that make that possible.”

Rea­son 5: Achieve Brand Con­sis­tency Across Channels

Mar­ket­ing chan­nels con­tinue to increase in num­ber and complexity.

Today, mar­keters can lever­age the power of mobile, online, email, direct mail, social net­works, and more. The ques­tion before you is, How can you attain brand con­sis­tency across so many chan­nels? It is not humanly pos­si­ble apart from the aid of tech­nol­ogy. In The DMP Is The Audi­ence Intel­li­gence Engine For Inter­ac­tive Mar­keters, For­rester Research explains, “Through the appli­ca­tion of channel-independent audi­ence seg­ments, mar­keters can more eas­ily cre­ate brand expe­ri­ences that are both cus­tomized and con­sis­tent across chan­nels.” An audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion can help you move toward a cus­tomized and con­sis­tent brand expe­ri­ence in mobile, online, offline, and beyond.

Rea­son 6: Seg­ment Audi­ences Bet­ter and Faster

In the Dig­i­tal Age where cus­tomer clicks are counted, Face­book likes are charted, and search terms are aggre­gated, we know more than we need to know about any of our cus­tomers at any moment in time. We have so much infor­ma­tion that we don’t know what to do with it.

Audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tions have the abil­ity to seg­ment data into “micro-attributes” at the gran­u­lar level. So even though there is an entire uni­verse pop­u­lated with data, this solu­tion enables you to focus on the grains of sand in order to help you “cre­ate highly tar­geted audi­ences” so that you can “con­verse with greater relevance.”

As I wrote in the first blog post in this series, seg­men­ta­tion has always been the foun­da­tion of tra­di­tional mar­ket­ing. The broader the data, the more nec­es­sary it is to use a fine-tooth comb to sort through it. The Big Data Plan­ning Guide for Mar­keters notes that audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tions have the abil­ity to cre­ate “nar­row audi­ences” based on “com­mon inter­ests and behav­iors.” This solu­tion can seg­ment audi­ences bet­ter and faster than any solu­tion you have used in the past. Quirk’s Mar­ket­ing Research on Tam­ing Big Data, notes that Ama­zon has been suc­cess­fully using seg­men­ta­tion to sug­gest cross-sells and up-sells for years. For exam­ple, when a cus­tomer searches for a par­tic­u­lar book by Bill Bryson, a travel writer, Ama­zon will sug­gest seven other sim­i­lar sug­ges­tions, lur­ing cus­tomers toward the “click.”

Stay Tuned for My Final Blog in this Series

Finally, it is impor­tant to note that audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tions include data anonymity while adher­ing to pri­vacy reg­u­la­tions and ensur­ing the safety of con­sumer iden­ti­ties. Check back next week for my final four com­pelling rea­sons to invest in an audi­ence man­age­ment solu­tion or DMP.