In Feb­ru­ary, I wrote about “7 brands that post awe­some Face­book updates.” Now, I’ve looked at it from another per­spec­tive — that of the worst Face­book updates. Con­tent is still king when build­ing a brand pres­ence on social media. As Face­book imple­ments more ways for users to con­trol exactly what con­tent they want to see in their news feeds, brands need to be espe­cially cre­ative to make the cut. Com­mu­nity man­age­ment is the art and sci­ence of engag­ing these com­mu­ni­ties, and the best way to see what’s work­ing and what isn’t is to engage, mod­er­ate, and ana­lyze all inter­ac­tions. There are some brands that get it. And there are some brands that don’t.
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