These website test ideas are geared towards media publishers who want to increase engagement and ad revenue. Consider trying these 5 website tests below.

Test the amount of content on webpages
This is a broad concept that can fuel multiples tests. It is common for a home page or an article page to contain numerous modules and content sections. Another blog post I wrote is applicable here and it had the line, “if you have never tested the amount of content on a webpage, then you might be a webpage hoarder.” Hoarders – Website Edition. Set up A/B/n testing where the various content sections are added and removed from the webpage. Don’t be afraid to test a much slimmed-down version of the page.

Test paginating articles
If it makes sense, test an article page template where the article is all on 1 page vs. 2 pages vs. 3 pages vs. more pages. Set up one test experience where the first page only shows the first paragraph of the article.

Article page 300×250 display ad placement test
An article page layout typically places the 300×250 ad unit in the right column with the article text in the left column. Test the current placement versus placing the ad unit in the left column with the article text wrapped around the ad unit.

Site-wide test of the 728×90 display ad placement test
Another common layout is to have a leaderboard 728×90 display ad located at the very top of the page. The placement of this ad is often above the main navigation bar. Test that layout versus placing the ad unit below the navigation bar and above the page’s main content. The success metric here may be ad clicks. This metric is something your advertisers are closely monitoring and it is used as a proxy for ad revenue.

Test showing a related story module that slides out when a visitor scrolls to the bottom of the article page.
Many publishers already have related article links at the bottom of the page (if you don’t, that is another great thing to test or consider adding the Adobe Recommendations product). An example of this test actually happens on this page. You will notice as you scroll to the bottom of this blog post a suggested next article will appear in the bottom right of the page.

In the comments section I would love to hear your successful test ideas that increased engagement and ad revenue.