These web­site test ideas are geared towards media pub­lish­ers who want to increase engage­ment and ad rev­enue. Con­sider try­ing these 5 web­site tests below.

Test the amount of con­tent on web­pages
This is a broad con­cept that can fuel mul­ti­ples tests. It is com­mon for a home page or an arti­cle page to con­tain numer­ous mod­ules and con­tent sec­tions. Another blog post I wrote is applic­a­ble here and it had the line, “if you have never tested the amount of con­tent on a web­page, then you might be a web­page hoarder.” Hoard­ers – Web­site Edi­tion. Set up A/B/n test­ing where the var­i­ous con­tent sec­tions are added and removed from the web­page. Don’t be afraid to test a much slimmed-down ver­sion of the page.

Test pag­i­nat­ing arti­cles
If it makes sense, test an arti­cle page tem­plate where the arti­cle is all on 1 page vs. 2 pages vs. 3 pages vs. more pages. Set up one test expe­ri­ence where the first page only shows the first para­graph of the article.

Arti­cle page 300×250 dis­play ad place­ment test
An arti­cle page lay­out typ­i­cally places the 300×250 ad unit in the right col­umn with the arti­cle text in the left col­umn. Test the cur­rent place­ment ver­sus plac­ing the ad unit in the left col­umn with the arti­cle text wrapped around the ad unit.

Site-wide test of the 728×90 dis­play ad place­ment test
Another com­mon lay­out is to have a leader­board 728×90 dis­play ad located at the very top of the page. The place­ment of this ad is often above the main nav­i­ga­tion bar. Test that lay­out ver­sus plac­ing the ad unit below the nav­i­ga­tion bar and above the page’s main con­tent. The suc­cess met­ric here may be ad clicks. This met­ric is some­thing your adver­tis­ers are closely mon­i­tor­ing and it is used as a proxy for ad revenue.

Test show­ing a related story mod­ule that slides out when a vis­i­tor scrolls to the bot­tom of the arti­cle page.
Many pub­lish­ers already have related arti­cle links at the bot­tom of the page (if you don’t, that is another great thing to test or con­sider adding the Adobe Rec­om­men­da­tions prod­uct). An exam­ple of this test actu­ally hap­pens on this page. You will notice as you scroll to the bot­tom of this blog post a sug­gested next arti­cle will appear in the bot­tom right of the page.

In the com­ments sec­tion I would love to hear your suc­cess­ful test ideas that increased engage­ment and ad revenue.