Mar­keters con­sis­tently tell me they need help sim­pli­fy­ing, mea­sur­ing and opti­miz­ing their ads, par­tic­u­larly across chan­nels. At the same time, they’re look­ing to squeeze as much effi­ciency out of their mar­ket­ing pro­grams as humanly pos­si­ble. Whether they real­ize it or not, these two efforts are at odds with one another.

Take a look at this sur­vey response from For­rester Research, Inc. (see blue high­lighted box below):

SOURCE: “Mak­ing Sense Of The Dig­i­tal Media Buy­ing Plat­form Land­scape”, For­rester Research, Decem­ber 7, 2011

The top three responses are entirely about con­sol­i­dat­ing ana­lyt­ics and media buy­ing plat­forms into a sin­gle, uni­fied workflow.

With the acqui­si­tion of Effi­cient Fron­tier, Adobe has sent a clear sig­nal to the mar­ket that we are going after the oppor­tu­nity to both sim­plify mea­sur­ing and opti­miz­ing ad pro­grams AND to increase the effi­ciency of those pro­grams. Com­bin­ing the mar­ket leader in ana­lyt­ics – Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst – with the mar­ket leader in multi-channel adver­tis­ing tech­nol­ogy and the inven­tor of the market’s most advanced bid­ding algo­rithms – Effi­cient Fron­tier – Adobe is uniquely posi­tioned to solve this problem.

Adobe AdLens + Adobe SiteCatalyst

Since the acqui­si­tion of Effi­cient Fron­tier, which we have renamed Adobe AdLens, we have been work­ing on a unique native inte­gra­tion between AdLens and SiteCatalyst.

Adobe AdLens is already well known as one of the best bid­ding tech­nolo­gies on the mar­ket. AdLens con­sis­tently beats rules-based or nascent port­fo­lio bid­ding sys­tems in head to head con­tests. This is why so many smaller, point-solutions are col­lect­ing résumés from PhDs and are fever­ishly attempt­ing to build more sophis­ti­cated bid­ding platforms.

At Adobe, we’ve long since moved past that phase and we’ve now released an inte­gra­tion that takes our bid­ding plat­form to the next level.

Bid­ding algo­rithms are sig­nif­i­cantly improved when they are fed more mean­ing­ful data sets. So last year we saw the oppor­tu­nity to com­bine advanced bid­ding algo­rithms with the mas­sive amounts of data Site­Cat­a­lyst col­lects and we have been build­ing that con­nec­tion through­out this year.

The way these two prod­ucts are con­nected enhance AdLens’ already sophis­ti­cated bid­ding algorithms.

With this inte­gra­tion, all con­ver­sion events (e.g. reg­is­tra­tions, sub­scrip­tions, orders) tracked by the Site­Cat­a­lyst ana­lyt­ics tool are avail­able in the AdLens plat­form as well. In addi­tion to the con­ver­sion events, AdLens has access to “micro-conversion” met­rics like bounce rate, time spent on site, page views, cart aban­don­ment and much more at the indi­vid­ual click level for all ads. Any new met­rics tracked within Site­Cat­a­lyst will also be auto­mat­i­cally avail­able for report­ing and opti­miza­tion in AdLens.

Addi­tion­ally, for an adver­tiser cur­rently using Site­Cat­a­lyst, there is no addi­tional work required at the advertiser’s end for AdLens to track con­ver­sions. No call­ing up the ana­lyt­ics pro and hav­ing them set up and main­tain a data feed, no call­ing Adobe Client Care when there are prob­lems with that data feed. Adver­tis­ers using our native inte­gra­tion don’t have to do any­thing at all.

We are also pass­ing data back into Site­Cat­a­lyst so detailed, keyword-level reports can be run from either AdLens or Site­Cat­a­lyst. For thou­sands of Site­Cat­a­lyst clients around the world who depend on it to be their “sin­gle ver­sion of the truth,” this bi-directional con­nec­tion is crit­i­cal and unique in the marketplace.

Think­ing Beyond Search…

In addi­tion to con­nect­ing ana­lyt­ics to advanced bid­ding algo­rithms in a unique way, AdLens has also been stay­ing ahead of the curve with Facebook.

We’ve extended beyond our cur­rent Face­book Ads API inte­gra­tion and we now have offi­cial access to the Face­book Exchange, which allows mar­keters to buy ads on Face­book via real-time bid­ding. The Face­book Exchange inte­gra­tion is a valu­able exten­sion of AdLens’ real-time bid­ding infra­struc­ture because it enables mar­keters to reach more than 955 mil­lion peo­ple glob­ally on Face­book. As a result, we have been des­ig­nated a Strate­gic Pre­ferred Mar­ket­ing Devel­oper (PMD) and we are proud to be awarded qual­i­fi­ca­tions for all four of Facebook’s Mar­ket­ing APIs across all areas of their busi­ness – Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.

Dis­play Ad Tar­get­ing – Reach­ing the Right Peo­ple, at the Right Time, with the Right Ad

Mar­keters want the biggest bang for their ad bucks, but the ques­tion remains, “Am I reach­ing the right audi­ence with my ad cam­paign?” Given all the ads online today and com­pe­ti­tion for prime ad place­ment, reach­ing the right audi­ence with tar­geted cam­paigns has never been more impor­tant. AdLens, through inte­gra­tion with other Adobe cloud-based dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing tech­nolo­gies includ­ing Adobe Audi­ence­M­an­ager and Adobe Dynamic Ad Tar­get­ing, gives mar­keters the abil­ity to expand dis­play ad tar­get­ing and opti­miza­tion across ad dis­tri­b­u­tion plat­forms. Audi­ence­M­an­ager allows mar­keters to iden­tify, quan­tify, and cre­ate high-value audi­ence seg­ments to deliver suc­cess­ful ad cam­paigns with cus­tom cre­ative directed at the peo­ple who mat­ter most in given demo­graph­ics. And with Adobe Dynamic Ad Tar­get­ing within AdLens, adver­tis­ers can deliver these tar­geted ads in real-time based on the behav­ior of seg­ments cre­ated in Audi­ence­M­an­ager. The end result is improved ad engage­ment and con­ver­sions that drive the ROI mar­keters need to jus­tify their ad bud­gets – thanks to AdLens’ access to all major dis­play inven­tory sources.

Tak­ing Dig­i­tal Adver­tis­ing to the Next Level

Long term, as the dom­i­nant adver­tis­ing plat­form across all major media, we see AdLens fully con­nected into market-leading ana­lyt­ics and web expe­ri­ence man­age­ment. Today, we’ve con­nected our ad-buying plat­form into our ana­lyt­ics solu­tion in a way that strength­ens both offer­ings. Tomor­row? Stay tuned… In the mean­time, check out what AdLens has to offer and feel free to share your feed­back as we’re always look­ing to bet­ter our dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing solu­tions to ben­e­fit customers.