In my nearly 9 year career with Adobe (and for­merly Omni­ture), I have expe­ri­enced 23 Sum­mits (US & Inter­na­tional).  Each has been bet­ter than the last, and hon­estly, this year I am more excited about the event and con­tent than ever!

My role at Adobe is to work with all the prod­uct teams as a stake­holder in the direc­tion of the prod­uct and inte­gra­tion strat­egy, and in com­mu­ni­cat­ing what the prod­ucts do. Part of this role is to share key prod­uct insights and present how the prod­ucts work at events like Sum­mit. Typ­i­cally we hold this infor­ma­tion close to the vest and you see it for the first time at the event.  This year I am going to do some­thing new and actu­ally give you a few early sneak peeks into some of the excit­ing things that will be shown at the conference.

Sneak of the keynotes:

Summit Presenters

In my expe­ri­ence, one of the most jaw drop­ping moments is walk­ing into the open­ing keynote and see­ing the stage. It is huge, it is bright, it is loud, and it is always inter­est­ing. This became espe­cially true after Adobe acquired Omni­ture. Some­how the lim­i­ta­tions of how big the screens could be, and what they could do with the stage went out the win­dow. This year, the screens seem to wrap around the front of the room and are big enough that you may be able to hide a large air­plane behind them. Incred­i­bly, they stitch all the screen space together with more than 16 ridicu­lously large pro­jec­tors and then cre­ate beau­ti­ful con­tent that fills every inch with engag­ing video, ani­ma­tions, and great infor­ma­tion. It’s a trip.

Like every year, 2013 Sum­mit will include incred­i­ble pre­sen­ters from Adam Bain of Twit­ter, to John Bat­telle — a founder of Wired and media mas­ter­mind, to Felix Baum­gart­ner (yeah, that guy) who jumped from 120,000 feet in a free-fall sky­dive. These types of pre­sen­ters are inspir­ing, enter­tain­ing, and will take the audi­ence to a new level of understanding.

My favorite part is the prod­uct announce­ments and strate­gic overview. This year we will be show­ing rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy that will be a cen­ter­piece of the con­tent. My team has been a big part of assem­bling this seg­ment, and all I can say is that it’s going to be very cool. We are really look­ing for­ward to shar­ing the news and prod­uct strat­egy with the Sum­mit audience.

Sneak of the band & parties:

Adobe Summit 2013 Reference Screenshot

Adobe Sum­mit 2013

Oh, wait, it’s already announced — “The Black Keys”!

If you have ever been at a Sum­mit, you know that the par­ties are world class. They are non-stop and over the top. Yes, even in Utah. :) Make sure you look for the after par­ties, and the after after par­ties — also be sure you can make it to day 2 after those long parties.

Sneak of the break­out sessions:

This year is our biggest Sum­mit ever for con­tent, with more than 100 Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Ses­sions (SLC 2013 Ses­sions) led by a mix of Adobe and indus­try experts cov­er­ing a broad range of top­ics from get­ting started, to best prac­tices, and a few will even delve into cod­ing. Con­tent is grouped into cat­e­gories from Lumi­nary tracks about big ideas in dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing to Ana­lyt­ics, Tar­get­ing, Expe­ri­ence Man­age­ment, Adver­tis­ing, and Social.

The break­outs are the heart of the learn­ing. These are the ses­sions where you can really dig into a par­tic­u­lar topic of inter­est, ask ques­tions, and get answers. We are cur­rently in review with all the pre­sen­ters and see­ing out­stand­ing ideas and con­tent. It’s all fresh and new and geared around our new solu­tions and best prac­tices. The break­outs will be great!

A Sneak of Sneaks!  (My per­sonal favorite):

Carrie Brownstein Photo

Co-star of Port­landia (Photo IMDb)

As we were plan­ning the clos­ing ses­sion this year, our top pri­or­ity was to ensure that we wrap the con­fer­ence on a high note. In years past, the clos­ing ses­sion has included every­thing from vot­ing for fea­tures, to games, to beer & pop­corn, and yes… sneak peeks into our prod­uct roadmap and strat­egy. This year we eval­u­ated the sur­veys from last year and the resound­ing feed­back was to include more insights into roadmap, keep it fun, and keep the cus­tomer feed­back loop open to prod­uct. We lis­tened, and we have a GREAT clos­ing ses­sion that will fea­ture all of these elements!

The clos­ing ses­sion will include insights into prod­uct strat­egy and sneak peeks into our labs where you will see some ideas and con­cepts our engi­neer­ing teams are work­ing on cur­rently. Sim­i­lar to last year, each sneak peek will be a timed pre­sen­ta­tion of the tech­nol­ogy, AND we have a SPECIAL guest to help keep it fun and excit­ing. Car­rie Brown­stein from the incred­i­bly funny show Port­landia will join us and bring the “funny.” Together, she and I will intro­duce the sneak peeks into the tech­nol­ogy and in some cases poke a lit­tle fun of what hap­pens — or in some cases, what doesn’t hap­pen as these early stage tech­nol­ogy con­cepts are shown (live demos of pro­to­types). It will be inter­est­ing, it will be fun, and it will be a great wrap to the Sum­mit content.

Then comes the skiing:

How can you beat the Utah ski slopes? Umm, you can’t.

Ski Utah

I will see you on the slopes. Look for me to be fly­ing down the hill and a pos­si­ble “yard sale” where I finally tum­ble to a stop.

Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you at Summit!

Steve Ham­mond

For more infor­ma­tion on Sum­mit, please con­tact your Adobe Account Man­ager, or visit the Sum­mit web site.
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