In my nearly 9 year career with Adobe (and formerly Omniture), I have experienced 23 Summits (US & International).  Each has been better than the last, and honestly, this year I am more excited about the event and content than ever!

My role at Adobe is to work with all the product teams as a stakeholder in the direction of the product and integration strategy, and in communicating what the products do. Part of this role is to share key product insights and present how the products work at events like Summit. Typically we hold this information close to the vest and you see it for the first time at the event.  This year I am going to do something new and actually give you a few early sneak peeks into some of the exciting things that will be shown at the conference.

Sneak of the keynotes:

Summit Presenters

In my experience, one of the most jaw dropping moments is walking into the opening keynote and seeing the stage. It is huge, it is bright, it is loud, and it is always interesting. This became especially true after Adobe acquired Omniture. Somehow the limitations of how big the screens could be, and what they could do with the stage went out the window. This year, the screens seem to wrap around the front of the room and are big enough that you may be able to hide a large airplane behind them. Incredibly, they stitch all the screen space together with more than 16 ridiculously large projectors and then create beautiful content that fills every inch with engaging video, animations, and great information. It’s a trip.

Like every year, 2013 Summit will include incredible presenters from Adam Bain of Twitter, to John Battelle – a founder of Wired and media mastermind, to Felix Baumgartner (yeah, that guy) who jumped from 120,000 feet in a free-fall skydive. These types of presenters are inspiring, entertaining, and will take the audience to a new level of understanding.

My favorite part is the product announcements and strategic overview. This year we will be showing revolutionary technology that will be a centerpiece of the content. My team has been a big part of assembling this segment, and all I can say is that it’s going to be very cool. We are really looking forward to sharing the news and product strategy with the Summit audience.

Sneak of the band & parties:

Adobe Summit 2013 Reference Screenshot

Adobe Summit 2013

Oh, wait, it’s already announced – “The Black Keys”!

If you have ever been at a Summit, you know that the parties are world class. They are non-stop and over the top. Yes, even in Utah. :) Make sure you look for the after parties, and the after after parties – also be sure you can make it to day 2 after those long parties.

Sneak of the breakout sessions:

This year is our biggest Summit ever for content, with more than 100 Digital Marketing Sessions (SLC 2013 Sessions) led by a mix of Adobe and industry experts covering a broad range of topics from getting started, to best practices, and a few will even delve into coding. Content is grouped into categories from Luminary tracks about big ideas in digital marketing to Analytics, Targeting, Experience Management, Advertising, and Social.

The breakouts are the heart of the learning. These are the sessions where you can really dig into a particular topic of interest, ask questions, and get answers. We are currently in review with all the presenters and seeing outstanding ideas and content. It’s all fresh and new and geared around our new solutions and best practices. The breakouts will be great!

A Sneak of Sneaks!  (My personal favorite):

Carrie Brownstein Photo

Co-star of Portlandia (Photo IMDb)

As we were planning the closing session this year, our top priority was to ensure that we wrap the conference on a high note. In years past, the closing session has included everything from voting for features, to games, to beer & popcorn, and yes… sneak peeks into our product roadmap and strategy. This year we evaluated the surveys from last year and the resounding feedback was to include more insights into roadmap, keep it fun, and keep the customer feedback loop open to product. We listened, and we have a GREAT closing session that will feature all of these elements!

The closing session will include insights into product strategy and sneak peeks into our labs where you will see some ideas and concepts our engineering teams are working on currently. Similar to last year, each sneak peek will be a timed presentation of the technology, AND we have a SPECIAL guest to help keep it fun and exciting. Carrie Brownstein from the incredibly funny show Portlandia will join us and bring the “funny.” Together, she and I will introduce the sneak peeks into the technology and in some cases poke a little fun of what happens – or in some cases, what doesn’t happen as these early stage technology concepts are shown (live demos of prototypes). It will be interesting, it will be fun, and it will be a great wrap to the Summit content.

Then comes the skiing:

How can you beat the Utah ski slopes? Umm, you can’t.

Ski Utah

I will see you on the slopes. Look for me to be flying down the hill and a possible “yard sale” where I finally tumble to a stop.

Looking forward to seeing you at Summit!

Steve Hammond

For more information on Summit, please contact your Adobe Account Manager, or visit the Summit web site.
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