Akin Fagbohun and Leanne Orr contributed an article entitled “Top Tips for Viral Video” on the Search Laboratory blog. They talk about what it takes to make a successful viral video. The authors land on some good points. They mention the importance of SEO and say, “it’s important to let the content do the work for you.” These authors certainly understand the relevance of marketing in video media.

The authors fail to mention, however, that customer action plays a big role. They do talk about content interaction over social media, but they don’t talk about actionable options embedded within video (as I do in my blog about video). Video content is becoming an interactive experience. If you fail to include actionable elements in your video, you make it harder for customers to trace your brand.

It’s a slippery slope: You want customers to interact with and know your brand via video, but you don’t want to create a pushy sales pitch. Give customers the option to act, to interact with your brand. That way, even if your video doesn’t go viral, you will better influence the select people who see your video than the many who may glimpse a viral video.