Advertisers see 23% higher traffic than normal on day of the event; 46% higher on day after event, but week prior to event lower than last year.

Adobe Digital Index looked at the overall web traffic for Super Bowl advertisers in an analysis which looked at 980 million visits across 65 brands.  This year’s Super Bowl advertisers were able to capitalize on their participation in the big event by driving more visitors to their websites.

Advertisers saw an increase of 23% in web traffic on Super Bowl Sunday.  That’s 15% more than the increase advertisers saw in 2012, which was 20%.  On Monday, they were able to grow traffic by 21% from 38% to 46% YoY.

Super Bowl Actual Traffic Increase Chart

Our previous analysis demonstrated a substantial increase in traffic in the week prior to the event last year.  This year, advertisers did not see a significant increase in web traffic prior to the event.  We view this as an indication that this year’s advertising campaigns were either not as focused or not as successful at building web traffic prior to their television spot airing during the Super Bowl.