We recently announced excit­ing news on our Dig­i­tal Media blog: Adobe Pass, Adobe’s TV Every­where solu­tion, will be bestowed an Emmy Engi­neer­ing Plaque by The Acad­emy of Tele­vi­sion Arts & Sci­ences Octo­ber 24.  This is an industry-wide recog­ni­tion for out­stand­ing engi­neer­ing achieve­ments for emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies and Adobe is the only recip­i­ent this year.

TV Every­where has become a ubiq­ui­tous, neb­u­lous state­ment. What does that really mean? I can tell you what it means to us. TV Every­where is about bring­ing a stel­lar TV expe­ri­ence to you, the viewer, any­where, on any device, and at any time.
It’s about extend­ing TV con­tent to all major plat­forms and device types – from smart­phones and tablets, to game con­soles, set-top boxes and desktops.

Adobe Pass has been immensely suc­cess­ful. Our unique role in the indus­try makes us a trusted tech­nol­ogy part­ner with pro­gram­mers and oper­a­tors. Our tech­nol­ogy is plat­form agnos­tic and offers part­ners the broad­est reach and con­sis­tent work­flows. More impor­tantly, we are not in the con­tent busi­ness, which allows us to focus our work on the viewer and the best pos­si­ble con­tent experience.

This approach is the sim­ple for­mula we fol­lowed when enabling more than 45 amaz­ing apps and sites with 25 of the top pro­gram­mers, includ­ing CNN and NBC Sports and the 2012 Lon­don Games. We gave peo­ple every­thing they love about the Olympics – the vic­tory, the defeat, the hope and all of the excite­ment RIGHT AT THEIR FINGERTIPS. We watched on our tablets, on our smart­phones and on our PCs. We all won, as we all got what we wanted when we wanted it.

Adobe Pass has become the stan­dard in the indus­try, because it’s effec­tive and easy to use. Let’s not for­get these basic prin­ci­ples. We’re mak­ing pub­lish­ers’ con­tent avail­able every­where and seam­lessly, and we are enabling them to bet­ter mon­e­tize their con­tent.  Adobe Pass is a com­po­nent of Project Prime­time, a new ini­tia­tive that pro­vides pro­gram­mers and oper­a­tor­swith the abil­ity to deliver pro­tected, high-quality videos on any desk­top or device giv­ing cus­tomers access to con­tent they already paid for; insert ads seam­lessly and dynam­i­cally; and report insights across ads and con­tent to clearly deter­mine what’s work­ing and what isn’t – true ROI for publishers.

The best part of win­ning an Emmy Engi­neer­ing Plaque and cre­at­ing a sought after video plat­form – this is only the begin­ning. We are at the cen­ter of an excit­ing indus­try trans­for­ma­tion and are just get­ting started. Big con­grat­u­la­tions to the Adobe teams that are mak­ing this a reality!