We’re excited to be collaborating with Yieldex, the leading provider of inventory and revenue management solutions for digital publishers, to help publishers like Scripps Networks Interactive match available ad content with advertisers’ desired audience segments. As announced today by Yieldex, the integration of Adobe AudienceManager, our data management platform (DMP) that identifies, quantifies, and activates high-value audience segments, with Yieldex’s Audience Planner, which enables publishers to understand audience segment availability, contention, and overlap, is a powerful combination. Our joint solution will provide digital publishers with a comprehensive view across data assets and efficiently deliver targeted audience segments, resulting in greater advertising ROI and customer engagement.

Audience forecasting has been a longstanding challenge for publishers due to siloed inventory forecasting tools (for example, having one ad server for content forecasting and DMPs for audience forecasting). Historically, calculating inventory for audiences require publishers to analyze how each of their users navigate their website and manually tie that back to their ad serving tools, which can be cumbersome and resource intensive.

Our joint solution with Yieldex helps solve these problems by allowing publishers to seamlessly push their audience segments using demographic information via AudienceManager into Yieldex’s Audience Planner, which solves for multivariate forecasting problems. This enables publishers to not only forecast and price their audience inventory, but to gain a deeper understanding of what inventory has been sold, and effectively what is available to sell.

The primary benefit to digital marketers is a more reliable audience buying experience that allows them to better plan their direct-to-publishers media buys. Marketers can now be more confident in the inventory numbers that publishers provide them, ultimately allowing them to eliminate the uncertainty (of delivery) when purchasing audiences from publishers.

Check out our joint announcement with Yieldex and see how digital publishers can benefit from this integrated solution.


Chris Robison is senior director, product and strategy, for Media & Advertising Solutions at Adobe