Top 10 digital marketing blogs

Posted by Alex Zawel, Marketing Specialist, Adobe

It’s that time of year again, when marketers reflect on the challenges and triumphs of the previous 12 months in order to map out strategies for the year ahead. In 2013, we saw a host of digital marketing trends: the rise of big data, mobile, and social media, the evolution of visual marketing, increased demand for content, and more.

As we count down to the New Year, let’s take a look through some of the highlights from this past year to uncover what the marketing landscape looks like today as well as how it may look in 2014. The following is our Top 10 List of blog posts from 2013:

#10: What better place to kick off our list than to start with last year’s predictions for the marketing landscape?  In this post, Adobe Campaign’s Head of Marketing, Kristin Hambelton, walks us through four digital marketing predictions for 2013: the empowered CMO, the marketing value of social media, the convergence of SoLoMo and loyalty marketing, and continued marketing consolidation.  As 2013 wraps up, it’s interesting to revisit these initial predictions and see how they played out as the year progressed.  Recent Twitter research, for example, shows 72% of small to medium-sized businesses use social media to promote their companies and 66% are “extremely” or “very engaged” with their customers on social media.

#9: Next up on our list is a comprehensive post from Product Marketing Manager Jeremy Viault on the Best of Lead Management.  When it comes to lead management, there are infinite internet resources available for understanding its definition, best practices, and much more.  This list offers a compilation of the best resources, both from Adobe Campaign experts and other authoritative sources in the field.

#8: Want more list-style blog posts?  Check out Erin Collins’ 15 Twitter Profiles Every Digital Marketer Should Follow.  With millions of Twitter users across the globe sending out incalculable numbers of tweets per day, it can be beneficial to not only analyze successful Twitter users but to also learn from their behaviors. After all, effective Twitter profiles are engaged with audiences, post helpful information, answer questions, link to fellow digital marketing content, and display an expertise in the industry.

#7: We mentioned the evolution of visual marketing above and was it ever a year for infographics!  While a couple different infographics have made it into our Top 10 List for the year, this list stands out because it offers infographics across geographies.  Adobe Campaign recently conducted a global survey on marketing practices in loyalty programs and this post maps out results in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

#6: While we may talk a lot about digital marketing at Adobe, the truth is that offline experiences are just as important as connecting with and engaging customers online.  At Evolution 2013, Neolane’s worldwide user conference held in Paris in June, hundreds of marketers gathered to share extraordinary experiences and offer their thoughts on cross-channel marketing, mobile, real-time marketing, social media, and more.  This post offers a recap of the 15 different customer presentations held during the event by showcasing 25 of the best stats from the sessions.

#5: Cloud marketing is a hot topic in today’s digital landscape, but how do you convince company leadership that it’s the right solution?  Answer: By developing a flawless cloud marketing proposal.  The post, fittingly coming in at #5 on our list, offers 5 essential components of how, exactly, to do this: identify a need, define what cloud marketing is and what it can deliver, address potential concerns, show benefits, and provide supporting facts/evidence.  Don’t be left behind, develop a plan and come to the table with a proposal that will force the C-suite’s hand.

#4: Speaking of investing in a solution that will prove beneficial to your company, what about choosing the right kind of campaign management solution that will best fit your company’s needs and deliver optimal results?  Product Manager Christophe Kuhner recommends asking 10 critical questions when evaluating campaign management solutions.  Examples include: Can the campaign management platform be used to build a single marketing view of customers?  Does it include contact optimization and fatigue management capabilities?  Will it be able to support my future needs?  If you can answer “yes” to all 10 questions, chances are it’s the right campaign solution for your company.

#3: In October, many members of the Adobe Campaign team headed to DMA 2013 in Chicago, IL.  For those who aren’t familiar, DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is the premier trade association for marketing leaders who want to advance and protect responsible data-driven marketing.  While there was a lot of information to take in at the event, there were 3 key takeaways our team felt were important to share: big data + small data = better results, go beyond last-click attribution, and break down channel-based siloes.

#2: We said we’d give you more in the way of infographics, didn’t we?  Within the last three years alone, the number of transactions and the amount invested in the marketing industry is staggering.  To put it into perspective, we created this Monopoloy-inspired infographic to illustrate the race underway to dominate the marketing technology industry.  Who will succeed?  Only time will tell.

#1: Up until this point in our Top 10 list, we’ve referred to ourselves as “Neolane.”  But what tops our list?  The official announcement that Neolane has become Adobe Campaign.  In this post, Suresh Vittal, Vice President Strategy, outlines how Adobe is continuing to aggressively invest in the former Neolane technology by giving us access to: a) top notch engineering talent; b) an innovative and visionary marketing cloud; and c) Adobe labs that will help us accelerate innovation much faster than we could in our previous iteration. Adobe Campaign is helping our customers to get even greater value from their marketing investments and bringing critical cross-channel campaign management capabilities to the industry’s most robust marketing solution.

So there you have it: Our Top 10 List of the Best Adobe Campaign Blogs from 2013!  Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed bringing you best practices, event recaps, visual marketing and more from the ever-evolving digital landscape.  From everyone at Adobe Campaign, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a happy new year!