We are hearing from our clients that the Data (or Audience) Management Platform is becoming an increasingly important part of their business.  It has benefits for both publishers and advertisers and allows them to have a holistic view of their customers across various data sources (offline and online) spanning different lines of business. Too often marketing teams for different business units work in silos, and data is captured in silos, providing little insight into the overall view of their customers and audiences, monetization opportunities, and the impact of various marketing programs.  Data/Audience Management Platforms solve these challenges.

Given that the data management platform (DMP) market is heating up, we’re thrilled that Adobe AudienceManager, a fully integrated component of Adobe Marketing Cloud, was recognized as a leader and received the highest score for Strategy in “The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q3 2013” report by Forrester Research, Inc. Adobe was one of seven companies Forrester evaluated in the independent report based on vendors’ current offering, strategy and market presence.  

Adobe AudienceManager (formerly Demdex, acquired by Adobe) is the industry’s first DMP that consolidates audience information from all available sources. It helps identify and reach key audience segments so advertisers and publishers can consistently deliver more relevant, customized digital experiences to their customers. The solution enables advertisers and publishers to manage how their audience data is collected, shared and used among their partner technologies, systems and processes. Adobe AudienceManager customers include Condé Nast, Intuit, Sony, and Travelocity, among others.

“Adobe AudienceManager (AAM) leads the pack in this first-ever Data Management Platform Forrester Wave, with a strong current offering, well-defined strategy, and the force of a multibillion dollar company to help deliver on that strategy,” stated the recently published report. “Adobe’s 2010 acquisition of standalone DMP technology Demdex gave it a foothold in the space, but the real Adobe Marketing Cloud story – of which AAM is described as a critical component – has only just begun to come to fruition,” the report added.

Forrester also noted Adobe AudienceManager’s “DMP clients describing the seamlessness across several Adobe products – including its Analytics and Target products…” The report noted, “[…] Adobe is well down the road in building out a marketing technology stack that broadly addresses data intelligence and audience delivery.”

For advertisers, in many ways a DMP is an extension of their offline direct marketing database, expanded to include online data and online marketing channels with data partner integrations for deeper audience segmentation capabilities. DMP capabilities allow advertisers to grow their revenue and customer base through more efficient and effective marketing via increased visibility into their most valuable audiences and prospects. For publishers, the DMP allows them to identify their unique high value audiences and better monetize those audiences and ad inventory.

A complimentary copy of “The Forrester Wave™: Data Management Platforms, Q3 2013” report is available here. We are excited to see Adobe AudienceManager designated as a leader and we believe this recognition further validates our position in helping digital marketers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time while driving revenue.” Check out the report and let us know what you think about Adobe AudienceManager.