In many respects, the needs and objectives of B2C and B2B digital marketers are similar – particularly when it comes to understanding an individual’s online behavior.  However, when it comes to understanding online behavior, the B2B marketer needs to frame this understanding in the context of the business the individual visitor represents, and ideally deliver an experience “personalized” for that business.  Until recently, this has been difficult to achieve.

A compelling recent B2B case study article on titled, Account-Based Web Analytics Power B2B Marketing To New Heights, by Doug Rekenthaler Jr., specifically addresses this challenge.  Rekenthaler writes:

“Picture, for example, an air traffic controller unable to differentiate the radar blip of a single-seat personal aircraft from a 500-seat jumbo jet. In the B2B world, the ability to properly identify and communicate with that jumbo jet means the difference between landing a large-revenue account or a single-engine SMB. Both accounts are important, but being able to properly allocate resources based on revenue potential goes a long way toward improving efficiencies and outcomes.”

The case study goes on to highlight lessons learned and results achieved by leading brands Avery Dennison, and NetApp as they have successfully addressed this challenge by capitalizing on the integrated power of Demandbase Real-Time Identification with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. The strategy enabled by this easy to implement solution is called Sweet Spot marketing.

If you’d like to hear more about this strategy and real world results, you can also check out this new video produced by Adobe & Demandbase – live from the show floor of Adobe Summit 2012. This video features customers David Maxson – Avery Nennison, Joe Schwartz – Webex Cisco as well as partners Dion Jones – eNautics, Adam Greco – Web Analytics Demystified, and Demandbase CMO, Greg Ott – all talking Sweet Spot marketing.

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