Publishing company Postmedia reaches millions of Canadians each day via print, online, digital, and mobile channels. To help advertisers connect with their audience Postmedia implemented Adobe AudienceManager in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The Postmedia team sought a cost-effective solution to improve audience segmentation to help advertisers connect with more easily with high-value customers. Postmedia also wanted it to integrate readily with existing solutions, including Adobe Analytics in Adobe Marketing Cloud and third-party data sources.

“We are capturing customer insights that we previously could not access,” says Jeff Clark, vice president of audience and analytics at Postmedia. “By combining Adobe Analytics with Adobe AudienceManager, we are maximizing the reach of our advertising inventory and finding the best audiences for advertisers across any one of our sites.”

Since implementing Adobe Audience Manager, Postmedia increased click-through rates for targeted ads by up to 200%. The company is also able to allocate digital ad space more effectively within its network of publications, which helps advertisers reach the most receptive audiences.