Peo­ple from Aus­tralia and New Zealand who want to trace their per­sonal her­itage can do it quickly and in extra­or­di­nary detail thanks to Ances​try​.com​.au. The fam­ily his­tory web­site uses the Adobe Media Opti­mizer, Adobe Ana­lyt­ics, and Adobe Tar­get solu­tions within Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud to engage peo­ple look­ing to con­nect with their pasts via web, mobile, and social channels.

By tar­get­ing spe­cific Face­book user groups and cus­tom audi­ences, we can be smart about who sees our ads and how we invest in cam­paigns,” says Kelly God­frey, Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing, Ances​try​.com​.au.  “Adobe Media Opti­mizer dynam­i­cally deter­mines the best ad place­ments for the right groups to drive the opti­mum response.”

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