Its been said a thousand times and each time correctly—digital marketing is complex. This complexity often keeps marketers from realizing the promise of digital marketing—to be able to deliver relevant experiences to customers across channels and campaigns in real-time. This same complexity keeps systems and products separate and their associated data disparate and un-integrated. A big part of getting to the point where a company is realizing the promise of digital marketing is to democratize their critical marketing data across products and platforms.

Instrumenting or achieving this kind of data integration or sharing has always been easier said than done and for the better part of available digital marketing solutions, it sadly remains undone. Adobe has always be driven to provide the integrations that make such data sharing a reality. The partner programs that have historically accompanied Adobe’s digital marketing solutions are proof of our interest in not only centralizing access to data across the Adobe Marketing Cloud, but also providing access to this data for third party marketing applications as well.

Today Adobe is proud to announce the immediate availability of Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange, a new Adobe Marketing Cloud core service that provides a marketplace for pre-built applications and integrations between Adobe solutions and third-party apps. It extends the functionality of Adobe Marketing Cloud, integrates additional data sources, and enhances the master marketing profile. Exchange hosts more than 150 apps, is used by more than 1,200 major brand customers worldwide, and exists with the sole focus of providing digital marketers the best technology in the industry.

MCX Distimo Application Listing

The Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange Program is the most effective way for Adobe’s partners to leverage their resources to build reusable integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud and make those integrations discoverable and available to Marketing Cloud customers. Exchange is the public-facing vehicle through which participants in the Adobe Marketing Cloud Developer Connection may promote and provide access to their specifically-developed apps and integrations with the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Exchange can be found at Here, customers of the Marketing Cloud can browse available apps and integrations by industry category or as they pertain specifically to an Adobe technology. Exchange also provides instructions for downloading or activating the various integrations—all of which are available without additional licensing fees for customers of the six primary Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Companies that are not yet customers of Adobe Marketing Cloud also have access to the Exchange where they can browse this rich set of available apps and integrations that when paired with the Adobe Marketing Cloud provide them the most comprehensive and integrated set of marketing solutions available—built to help any company realize the promise of digital marketing.