This year we’re very excited to be bringing the “Conversion ROI All-Stars: True Stories on Conversion Optimization Success” session back to Summit. ROI All Stars is a yearly tradition in which users of Adobe Target technology get together to discuss best practices and ways they have achieved success in their testing and optimization process. Although it’s tough to pick a favorite, this session is arguably one of my favorite sessions at Summit. It’s not just because I moderate it; I love to engage in the inspiring discussions and conversations it generates, as well as to witness customers who were in the audience the year before join us at the podium to share their rapid wins and advancements. It’s great to hear first-hand accounts of the improvements they’ve seen as a result of their efforts, and one reason we’re bringing back ROI All Stars is because of the feedback from attendees about how much they gained from hearing about the experiences of others. This session allows people to share ideas and experiences that can help you employ new tactics and approaches to your own optimization program.

I’m often amazed at just how quickly businesses that are exposed to optimization fundamentals, insights, and wins at Summit can turn around and use the tactics they’ve learned to see big wins in a short amount of time. Attendees can learn optimization best practices along with new ways to use tools that are available to them, such as the Adobe Marketing Cloud collaborative interface, our Optimization Maturity Model self-assessment, and additional features included within Adobe Target, giving them the skills they need to build more effective tests and activities. A smart approach to optimization involves setting realistic objectives to drive conversion and marketplace knowledge based on your company’s objectives. Even minor adjustments to marketing as a result of testing can result in significant ROI, but determining the specific preferences of your key segments can add up to exponential ROI (even within a single test). Learning how other companies have implemented these concepts successfully is one of the main benefits of the All-Stars session.

Organizations that are new to optimization and begin to refine and personalize their content directly to a diverse customer base can see a big lift in revenue and ROI within weeks. And whereas ROI can and often does equal greater revenue by identifying optimal targeting scenarios for your key segments, it also equates to learning in terms of overall user experience as well as strategies that are not successful (which can be just as valuable in the longer term). A flat test, or even a loss, should not necessarily be seen as a failure. In fact, it can give you relevant information about what experiences might not be valuable to pursue or what is not critical to engaging and converting customers, reducing risk/losses/opportunity costs, etc. There are many ways to define ROI, and understanding how to use all of the information gained from your testing to improve your program and bottom line is one of the focuses of the ROI All-Stars session.

This year we are excited to hear about ROI best practices from two successful customers: Symantec and Lenovo. Both of these companies have efficiently built optimization programs with rapid growth year over year that continue to provide valuable ROI for the business and, not surprisingly, have seen exponential growth this past year. Optimization has become an ingrained part of their content development, and its acceptance across their organizations now allows them to take bold steps to justify existing visitor experiences as well as to experiment with fresh approaches. Managing the people, processes, and technologies driving their yearly growth is also a key area of focus; they’ll share how improving communication and processes supports an increase in efficiency and scalability of their testing and optimization programs. I’m excited to see how these two companies have implemented such successful programs, and believe it will help attendees learn how to grow, manage, and evangelize successful programs within their own organizations.

This session will be held March 27, 2014, from 1:30–2:30 p.m. at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come join us if you want to learn the most successful optimization tactics from some of the most successful businesses in the world. Who knows? Maybe next year you’ll be the one on stage explaining how optimization has provided exponential returns and improved your business over the last year!