How’s this for an investment tip: A London-based analyst with German investment bank Berenberg, Andaan Ahmad recently made a suggestion to Apple CEO Tim Cook in an open letter. He advised Apple to buy Tesla.

Tesla Motors, in case you’re not quite as blissed by Elon Musk‘s wow of an electric car as I am, is a startup company out of California that has designed and built ultra-stylish, fast cars that run on batteries. Think 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds. No noise. Outrageously sexy profile. Beautiful instrumentation and dash layout. Pretty sweet. Sound like a match made in heaven for Apple? I can only imagine the offspring from that union.

In a recent workshop with my team at Adobe, author and speaker Jeff Dyer prompted us to employ something called “associative thinking” by contemplating what might happen when you combined two different products. Looking back on that question, my imagination is running wild with what amazing innovation might take place between these two icons.

In an article dated Oct. 28, 2013, Forbes noted that Doug Field, vice president of Mac hardware engineering at Apple, has just accepted a post at Tesla. Of course, that would mean a continued “cool” factor for Tesla in design and development. It might move things along more quickly with regard to electronics and user experience.

I admire both companies for their style and can only dream of what might materialize should their talent, through some miraculous deal, actually merge. Whatever it is, I am pretty sure I will want one.