Following the Efficient Frontier search CPC (cost per click) trends release, we are now sharing the Display CPM (cost per thousand impression) and volume trends for April 2011.

Figure 1: Display Trends – April 2011
April 2011, being the start of a new quarter, saw a pullback in overall Impression volume in Display. This is not unusual for two reasons. The first is that Q1 is historically a strong quarter for Display (particularly in sectors like Finance), and the second is that advertisers who are nearing the end of a quarterly or annual fiscal period may want to spend unused ad budgets.

It is important to note that volume is up more than 150% YoY (year over year) as advertisers continue to put more of their budgets into Display to take advantage of ROI opportunities and the cross-channel benefits with SEM and Display.

CPM levels have increased by more than 60% MoM (month over month) to correspond with the decline in impression volume. As advertisers via sophisticated Display platform are able to better find and market to their target audience, there becomes a greater willingness to pay higher amounts for this high quality, in market traffic.  

Chris Jacob