The story of Q1 2011 was that Video Pub­lisher Inven­tory for Dis­play was the most sought-after pub­lisher dis­play cat­e­gory in terms of how much an adver­tiser was will­ing to pay. In April, the only major thing that changed was how much more expen­sive the Video inven­tory was rel­a­tive to all other types of Publishers.

Fig­ure 1 shows the dif­fer­ent pub­lisher types com­pared against each other, and Fig­ure 2 shows actual numer­i­cal per­for­mance per pub­lisher type and how they per­formed in April.

Fig­ure 1: U.S. Dis­play Pub­lisher Cat­e­gory CPMs (cost per thou­sand impres­sions) – April 2011


Fig­ure 2: U.S. Dis­play Pub­lisher Type Trends


How­ever, the Impres­sion Share and Pub­lisher Type data for April com­plete the story for Video Pub­lish­ers. There was a 66% drop in the num­ber of Video Pub­lish­ers in April from Q1 as well as a 55% drop in Impres­sion share, reveal­ing a sharp drop in the amount of Dis­play inven­tory on Video sites that adver­tis­ers were able to access.

The other inter­est­ing trend in April was the sharp rise in both the num­ber of Busi­ness and Finance sites as well as the over­all impres­sion share from those sites com­pared to the Q1 period. With things like tax sea­son and cor­po­rate Q1 earn­ings announce­ments, these types of sites would have seen a lot of traf­fic in April and hence were great places for Adver­tis­ers to find their audience.

These trends over longer peri­ods of time will begin to paint an inter­est­ing pic­ture about how soci­ety tends to browse en masse at any given period. Not sur­pris­ingly, in Decem­ber 2010 we saw a spike in shop­ping sites. It is this type of knowl­edge — along with the respec­tive CPM and CTR (click through rate) trends of adver­tis­ers’ mes­sag­ing — that can help guide strat­egy and plan­ning at dif­fer­ent times of the year.

Chris Jacob


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