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Thou­sands of the world’s best dig­i­tal mar­keters came together this week in Salt Lake City to attend our annual dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing con­fer­ence, Adobe Sum­mit.  These dig­i­tally savvy mar­keters are ahead of the pack.   Their mar­ket­ing mis­sion:  to become the best of the best.

While some dig­i­tal mar­keters might focus on get­ting their arms around how they mea­sure up to the indus­try norms, Adobe cus­tomers are more inter­ested in how they raise the bar to achieve excel­lence.  In this report we not only pro­vide the norms, but also will quan­tify the per­for­mance attained by the best of the best.  In the Best of the Best Bench­mark Report, the 6 met­rics above will be bro­ken out by five dif­fer­ent industries.

Here is an exam­ple of the type of find­ings con­tained in the report:

Stick Rate

Stick Rate — % of vis­its last­ing > 1 page

You can down­load the report here but before you do that, take a look at some of key the insights below.

Why should mar­keters work to attract more smart­phone visitors?

Smart­phone vis­i­tors are heavy users of email, search and social media. They tend to ini­ti­ate their brows­ing ses­sion with a search inquiry or email, indi­cat­ing that they are open to paid search and pro­mo­tional email influ­ence.  They are also fre­quently access­ing social media includ­ing Face­book and Twit­ter mobile apps mak­ing them prime tar­gets for social mar­ket­ing. Smart­phone vis­i­tors expand over­all web­site audi­ence size and pro­vide oppor­tu­ni­ties to acquire new vis­i­tors, but beware.  If you don’t offer a rel­e­vant and nav­i­ga­ble site expe­ri­ence, they may never return!  You need a site that is opti­mized for a mobile experience. .

Why should mar­keters work to attract more tablet visitors?

Tablet vis­i­tors are more afflu­ent and spend more money on retail and travel sites (see past Dig­i­tal Index report). Since they make such good adver­tis­ing tar­gets, Media and Enter­tain­ment com­pa­nies with more tablet vis­i­tors should be able to achieve higher CPMs. Sites that have high page views and  equal more impres­sion oppor­tu­ni­ties.  Although being the best of the best in tablet vis­its has many advan­tages, tablet users can eas­ily become frus­trated by sites that are incom­pat­i­ble with touch screen usage.  Since they appre­ci­ate rich media expe­ri­ences and are heavy users of video con­tent (see past Dig­i­tal Index View­point), web­sites need to ensure they are build­ing rich, engag­ing content.

Why does stick rate matter?

Stick rate (inverse of bounce rate) is the per­cent­age of vis­its that go beyond one page deep. It is a lead­ing indi­ca­tor for two very impor­tant ele­ments of web­site suc­cess.   First, it indi­cates how good a job mar­ket­ing acqui­si­tion activ­i­ties are doing in draw­ing in the right audi­ence.  When bro­ken out by traf­fic source, it can be used to fine-tune tar­get­ing and tac­tics to elim­i­nate waste­ful spend­ing.  It also gives you an indi­ca­tion of how rel­e­vant and engag­ing the web­site is and can be used to iden­tify design improve­ment opportunities.

How is engage­ment valuable?

In gen­eral a longer visit equates to greater engage­ment, higher sales and bet­ter busi­ness out­comes.  How­ever, mar­keters should be care­ful to under­stand the pros and cons of this met­ric. Sites with con­ver­sion objec­tives that are per­form­ing at the upper end of the aver­age should cross tab their pages per visit met­ric against aver­age con­ver­sion rates to ensure that greater pages viewed actu­ally equate to bet­ter con­ver­sion.  If they don’t, it’s time to inves­ti­gate why. For media and enter­tain­ment, all incre­men­tal pages are wel­come as they are the eas­i­est way to cap­ture incre­men­tal ad impres­sion opportunities.

Why does time spent onsite matter?

Aside from the inac­tive time, time spent is the best met­ric for deter­min­ing site engage­ment.   Because it’s so engag­ing, video is the best type of con­tent to use in social media mar­ket­ing.  It is also more attrac­tive to tablet users (an afflu­ent and gad­get– ori­ented tar­get group).  Engage­ment equals suc­cess for every type of site.   For media and enter­tain­ment, it also directly relates to adver­tis­ing revenue.

You’ll see many more break­outs of top per­form­ers in all our future insights because the Dig­i­tal Index team aspires for great­ness too.  Check out my Twit­ter feed for more tips on achiev­ing great­ness.  Fol­low me at @tamarag.