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Thousands of the world’s best digital marketers came together this week in Salt Lake City to attend our annual digital marketing conference, Adobe Summit.  These digitally savvy marketers are ahead of the pack.   Their marketing mission:  to become the best of the best.

While some digital marketers might focus on getting their arms around how they measure up to the industry norms, Adobe customers are more interested in how they raise the bar to achieve excellence.  In this report we not only provide the norms, but also will quantify the performance attained by the best of the best.  In the Best of the Best Benchmark Report, the 6 metrics above will be broken out by five different industries.

Here is an example of the type of findings contained in the report:

Stick Rate

Stick Rate – % of visits lasting > 1 page

You can download the report here but before you do that, take a look at some of key the insights below.

Why should marketers work to attract more smartphone visitors?

Smartphone visitors are heavy users of email, search and social media. They tend to initiate their browsing session with a search inquiry or email, indicating that they are open to paid search and promotional email influence.  They are also frequently accessing social media including Facebook and Twitter mobile apps making them prime targets for social marketing. Smartphone visitors expand overall website audience size and provide opportunities to acquire new visitors, but beware.  If you don’t offer a relevant and navigable site experience, they may never return!  You need a site that is optimized for a mobile experience. .

Why should marketers work to attract more tablet visitors?

Tablet visitors are more affluent and spend more money on retail and travel sites (see past Digital Index report). Since they make such good advertising targets, Media and Entertainment companies with more tablet visitors should be able to achieve higher CPMs. Sites that have high page views and  equal more impression opportunities.  Although being the best of the best in tablet visits has many advantages, tablet users can easily become frustrated by sites that are incompatible with touch screen usage.  Since they appreciate rich media experiences and are heavy users of video content (see past Digital Index Viewpoint), websites need to ensure they are building rich, engaging content.

Why does stick rate matter?

Stick rate (inverse of bounce rate) is the percentage of visits that go beyond one page deep. It is a leading indicator for two very important elements of website success.   First, it indicates how good a job marketing acquisition activities are doing in drawing in the right audience.  When broken out by traffic source, it can be used to fine-tune targeting and tactics to eliminate wasteful spending.  It also gives you an indication of how relevant and engaging the website is and can be used to identify design improvement opportunities.

How is engagement valuable?

In general a longer visit equates to greater engagement, higher sales and better business outcomes.  However, marketers should be careful to understand the pros and cons of this metric. Sites with conversion objectives that are performing at the upper end of the average should cross tab their pages per visit metric against average conversion rates to ensure that greater pages viewed actually equate to better conversion.  If they don’t, it’s time to investigate why. For media and entertainment, all incremental pages are welcome as they are the easiest way to capture incremental ad impression opportunities.

Why does time spent onsite matter?

Aside from the inactive time, time spent is the best metric for determining site engagement.   Because it’s so engaging, video is the best type of content to use in social media marketing.  It is also more attractive to tablet users (an affluent and gadget- oriented target group).  Engagement equals success for every type of site.   For media and entertainment, it also directly relates to advertising revenue.

You’ll see many more breakouts of top performers in all our future insights because the Digital Index team aspires for greatness too.  Check out my Twitter feed for more tips on achieving greatness.  Follow me at @tamarag.