A recent Forrester report released on October 12th on “How B2B Firms Can Improve their Email Marketing” indicated that on average B2B companies have ” half as many interactive staff and 13% lower budgets than B2C firms.”  If you’re in B2B email marketing you probably live this reality every day.  We understand completely because we’re B2B emailers here at Adobe also.  I call it the T-Rex problem…big head, little arms.

It details the facts that you know all to well; you’ve got big dreams but are trying to manually slog through targeted email programs without any automation support.  One key take away in the article is “Ditch batch and blast delivery”.  Suffice it to say, you’re not going to get away from batch and blast with freebie analytics and cheap-o emailing services.    The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite combined with a top notch Email Service Provider (we have 40 ESP integration partners) is the investment needed to get B2B companies armed for 21st century emailing.

The article has statistics in it that may help you make the case to purchase some automation tools.  This recent case study from a teacher and library supply B2B retailer called Demco may also help you make the case.  Demco only has one person in their emailing team and brought on board a new ESP, and the Digital Marketing Suite within a year.  Make a new year’s resolution to get your targeted emailing program automated and by this time next year, you’ll be ready to give us your own massive ROI story.