These days you can buy everything online and pet pharmaceuticals are no exception. The convenience of shopping for pet medications in addition to pet food and supplies from your living room, have given specialty retailers like PetCareRx a strong online following. Never content to rest on its laurels, PetCareRx is constantly refocusing its online presence to set itself apart from the competition.

The retailer leverages the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to gain real-time intelligence into its online campaigns. PetCareRx is also committed to personalizing the website experience to better engage with each visitor and to accelerate the growth of its business through a continuous online testing philosophy.

Ujjwal Dhoot, vice president of marketing strategy and customer insight at PetCareRx, says, “Today, we use the Adobe solution as a complete e-commerce suite that has transformed how we do business on the web.”

In fact, PetCareRx has successfully taken action on its valuable analytics data to test content across the entire site, which has increased website relevance and performance.

“Adobe’s optimization solutions have helped us increase onsite conversion overall from 8% to over 12% today” shares Dhoot. “We’re generating 50% more revenue, amounting to several million dollars annually, from the same marketing investment.”

You can download our new success story about PetCareRx to learn more about their online marketing successes. Feel free to share your successes with us and we may write a story about you!