Find Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Creative teams should master the broad principles of demand. I know, this is uncomfortable territory for most designers. Creatives don’t like to be put into a box, and they definitely don’t want to be told their ideas aren’t relevant. It’s just supposed to look awesome-right? Unfortunately no, ‘awesomeness’ is just a portion of the recipe.

These principles are important though, and learning to master the art of demand engagement will only increase the quality of work. After all, creative (design and copy) has an influence from awareness through initial response - and these are valuable touches that must be maximized at every opportunity.

While the goal of all creative teams should be to support the Brand to Demand concepts (see Become a ‘Bremando’ and Build Your ‘Bremando’ Army: Real-Time Creative Services), there are some obvious constraints to their ability to really focus on these principles.

The ‘UGG’ and the ‘Really?’

Generally, creative teams support entire organizations. They are often expected to do anything creative; from executive presentations to posters for a contest in finance. This can be a fun, but terribly limiting box in which to find yourself.
One of the biggest challenges-and opportunities-I’ve found is to break my team out of normal boundaries. There is so much green pasture to see, so much to influence, so very many ways to combine great creative, corporate and demand marketing programs together.
Opportunities for learning and growth of your Web teams:

  • Become certified in Landing Page Optimization (LPO). Marketing Experiments offers certification programs.
  • Master the use of multivariate and A/B testing tools, such as Omniture Test&Target. A must for optimizing creative content.
  • Learn what results mean for your organization. Was it the message or imagery that led to those results?
  • Test top messages (headlines, subtext and bullets) in a second round of tests with new creative (imagery, buttons of typographic treatments).

Still Uncomfortable?

Well get past it. The future of great Web design will include the principles of online marketing. The ‘box’ can be broken or reshaped however you’d like. Find comfort in the uncomfortable—green pastures lie ahead.