On the last day of the 2014 Adobe Summit The Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City, I had the pleasure of hosting a session on the Cloud and your business called: “Managing Your Business in the Cloud: Top Five Considerations.”

The seminar featured a panel of executives from companies in different market segments including medical device manufacturing, retail, and biopharmaceuticals. All three companies represented use the cloud to deliver services to their customers.

  • Patrick Virnich, VP of Commercial E-business at Covidien, a medical device manufacturer, represented the medical device industry;
  • Ryan Bonifacino, VP, Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani, a company that manufactures and sells trend jewelry in both brick and mortar stores and online, spoke for the retail trade; and
  • Dale Carter, manager of Global External Digital Communications IT at Abbvie, represented the biopharmaceutical industry.

Mitch Nelson, director of Managed Services, represented Adobe.

All four were available to discuss and answer questions on how the cloud affects their business.

I noted during the introduction that the cloud may not be appropriate for all enterprises and that there are different varieties of cloud. However, the cloud can give a company executive one less thing to think about.

A major consideration for taking on the cloud is whether your company or a third party should administer it. I discussed five things businesses need to consider when deciding on this.

  1. Does your company have the resources to administer the cloud on its own or should the task be outsourced?
  2. Do your employees have the expertise necessary to manage the data center?
  3. Can you trust the security of the system to someone else?
  4. Do you need more speed and agility to operate your business?
  5. Do you need more flexibility in the performance of your business as well as scalability to handle seasonal spikes?

During the one-hour seminar I asked the panel members what motivated them to take their business to the cloud and whether they had any security concerns when moving to the cloud.

The session ended with a question-and-answer period during which members of the audience were able to gain more information on the cloud and how to use it to enhance their businesses.

I encourage you to take the time to listen to the entire presentation. A recording of the class is available at the Adobe Summit site.  Click on “Web Experience Management” then click on “S816—Managing Your Business in the Cloud Top 5 Considerations.”